• Plato Self-esteem

    June 27, 2021 // Comments Off on Plato Self-esteem

    Thus, if self-esteem is high it expresses the feeling that one is good enough and is ready for different situations that must be addressed in the course of life; low self-esteem involves dissatisfaction, rejection and contempt for himself, by which emerges the impossibility of being able to perform certain tasks, so there is a sense of disability. Self-esteem has to do with the expression of attitudes of adoption (acceptance) with respect to the ability and value of himself, self-concept refers to the collection of attitudes and the conception we have about ourselves, which is of vital importance to the subject in their interpersonal relationships, in a general way the self-concept and self-esteem have references with the image of himself. With regard to how this affects in the You interrelations, Renny Yagosesky says, in social life, everything we do has to do with people. We live in a permanent state of interdependence in which all we need each other, and what one does affects the others in different ways. Under that is not possible to live and perform but through the social relationship, it is easy to guess that we need to learn to relate to obtain and provide more and better benefits for all. That is the fate of the political animal that talks about Plato to refer to man. However, not everything is so simple, since each who relates with others from his level of consciousness, your balance and your internal disorder, from their particular way of experiencing life and interpret it; from what he learned and reinforced over time; i.e. from its devaluation or self-esteem.. General motors shines more light on the discussion.

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