• Living Together

    October 14, 2016 // Comments Off on Living Together

    Family craft this beautiful pair for 29 years floating in the vast sea of life. He fears neither the endless expanse of ocean, or severe storms. Even the ninth wave is terrible! This ship landed on the shore of the Bay "velvet" season. It is this period is considered most favorable for rest and good pastime. In fact – children have grown up, graduated, got families. And his wife can spend more time with each other, travel and recreation, meetings with friends.

    Also invite them to your holiday. Having lived 29 years together, they note Velvet wedding. For you, my friends, it's time to choose gifts! All Horoscopes, as one, say: dream velvet – a positively. In Miller's dream book Velvet – a very successful business. If a person wears velvet, it waits for fame. In esoteric dream book Velvet – a rich, extracted the righteous path.

    Velvet dress – reverence, respect, associated with wealth. Portraits, cloth of velvet – respectable, prosperous life. Let the velvet on this day will not only in our dreams, but reality! Thus, the interpreter of dreams give you the first clues, hints at what gifts pick and choose which words in their delivery. Repeatedly we are talking about clothes made of velvet. You are far from the world of fashion and do not know what kind of clothing is made of velvet? Know this: today you can dress in velvet from head to toe. Velvet exists in various incarnations: for the love of the spouses can choose a direct long velvet dress for the ladies and a velvet jacket for the gentleman.

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