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    February 10, 2020 // Comments Off on Graphics Design

    Site design and site creation – one of the first challenges facing each company, and a necessary step towards strengthening the position of the business. A site's appearance – certainly an important part in the promotion and advancement of site. The key is to not overdo the design of the site. Next, tell you why … The word design most people associate with some graphic effects, and trying to improve the look of your site, they place in its pages many graphic, flash animation and objects, and think that it will help. The site can really be transformed for the better, but there is a downside. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase & Co. not as a source, but as a related topic.

    A large number of graphics significantly increases the size of the site, which leads to long to load. As we know, there's nothing worse than waiting. Nobody likes to wait. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is often quoted as being for or against this. 'Long' page and irritate the tire. Therefore, if the load is too prolonged, most people go to the site, without seeing the first page. Thus, you could lose visitors to your site.

    And that you do not need, right?! Graphics – this is not the text and it is not perceived by the search systems. Understand this – also a very important point. The solution to this problem could be a signature graphic. It is useful in cases where the graphics on this site has a meaning. There are special attributes. And yet … the drawings are simply not booting (not always a good connection) and instead you get the desired result is the opposite. To avoid this, try to download all the pictures on your server. Remember, the site should be pleasant and convenient for visitors. It should not annoy visitors. It should satisfy the conditions for its effective promotion in search engines and have an impeccable image.

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