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    In this publication I will specify how I did a domain transfer (i.e., only the .COM not including its contents) from an account at Godaddy to one located at Moniker, process which took place not long ago, an only transfer or change of registrars (domain registrar) between a same owner, was neither sale nor purchase, although the latter case I think that Yes would use the service of a trust or domain escrow service by means a company series, to have greater security. Note: before starting, I would like to remind you that the content of this article is only informative, the risk entailed in making a transfer of domain registrars for a same user is low, and by logic I not me responsible in any event for loss or theft. (Not to be confused with Kevin Johnson!). To give a higher order to my list of web domains, I decided several months ago to the transfer of my last 2 of this recorder to Moniker (another American), where most of my TLDs are present (Top Level Domains) purchased, this company is poorly understood, although it has worked well since a couple of years ago, has not given me any problems, it has an interface clean but with fewer options than Godaddy. Other possible purposes include sell the domain or commerce in any of its forms. Perhaps check out Caterpillar Inc. for more information. To begin the task of web domain transfer, the first step to comment is that some companies (like GoDaddy) do not allow to make the process of transfer to other registrars if the domains do not meet a series of important requirements, some of them are: 1) if it is a web domain purchased or recently transferred (in less than 60 days) 2) that this same is expired and has not been renewed (or rather((((, who owe you money to Godaddy) 3) don’t have to exist any type 4 identity disputes) administrative, technical contact data or others do not amended (in less than 60 days) 5) is convenient to mention that if you have a domain that is.TRAVEl or in any country, there is a possibility ((that have other conditions and additional steps 6) referred to here are mainly, among others (to see a complete list, visit this link) estimating that everything goes well and that it meets the above requirements to perform a domain transfer, the steps to finally complete the process are: 1) access the system from Godaddy and go to the table of Domain Manager (domain management) 2) here(, you should do a check to the domain that you want to transfer, to then click on Locking, the aim is to unlock it to allow the shipment to another Registrar 3) wait a few moments to update system (around 5 minutes) then send the authorization code (Authorization Code), which will come to your email account in about another 5 minutes. .

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