• Collecting Drying Plants

    March 23, 2020 // Comments Off on Collecting Drying Plants

    Vegetable materials and drugs can be obtained from both the cultivated, and with wild plants. By the same author: Investment Banker. A significant part of the plant species of medicinal raw materials in many countries are now receiving from cultured plants. Except for the ethereal-oil crops, the main source of raw materials for pharmaceutical and medicinal plants are the natural resources of these plants. However, their natural deposits continuously reduced or depleted, in that it is necessary to focus efforts on obtaining raw material from cultivated plants. It is known that introduced the culture of plants have several advantages – high yield, higher content of biologically active substances, mechanized harvesting, and more. Collect or above-ground parts of plants or its individual organs and process them in drug and raw materials.

    Since the separation in the plant and in corresponding to his body begin to happen significant biochemical changes. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Stuart Solomon by clicking through. With the proper direction of these changes can be required of the collected material. In some cases, changes occur under the action of enzymes, especially during drying. Drug store for them is also important and time of the year during collection and drying conditions. Collection is carried out in daylight and solar time and at the right time of year, by hand or mechanized. When assembled by hand, grass, leaves and flowers are placed in a specially adapted for this vessel (baskets, bags, boxes, etc.), taking care not to crush them and do not compress, and then quickly transfer them to a place for drying. If transport is difficult, then collected plant parts they spread in enclosed spaces with a thin layer on the shelf, floor, etc.

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