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    March 4, 2020 // Comments Off on ITSM Consulting AG

    ITSM Consulting AG describes five central training requirements for the IT quality management for the implementation of quality policies in IT service management according to the ITSM Consulting AG are not just methodological concepts of importance, but the skills of employees. Since introducing a process design, such as using ITIL, it is by no means equated with the actual performance of each individual IT services. “The structural level of the processes is in one case and in the other case the level of process quality in the Center”, Frank Zielke, Board member of the consulting firm is different. Abstract considered the evolution trail leads to the earlier stage of function-oriented management and the subsequent construction of a process-oriented management in the phase of the quality-oriented management.” This development requires advanced competency profiles that go beyond the previous training in the field of IT services employees. Especially ITIL training here are high for some years in the course. Because this set of rules but not explicitly devoted the quality dimension, ITIL certifications not enough on the other hand, to meet this task sufficiently”, founded Zielke. According to ITSM consulting, in particular the following capabilities must be obtained for: practical handling of key figures: the function of the figures is also to act as a reference for the analysis of the process individual performance profiles. Finally a continuous optimization can’t come from the performance quality and cost conditions without an adequate performance measurement system to assess the Organization, processes, technology and staff.

    As about KPIs can compete is not the service individual quality relationships and evaluate differently. However is not only the determination of indicators to do so, but also their proper interpretation. Check out John Utendahl for additional information. Already that’s why sometimes constitutes a major difficulty in the real practice, because the operational key figures and financial ratios very are often not coordinated. Ability to reach even under non-optimal conditions to maximum safe findings are all the more important.

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