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    December 27, 2016 // Comments Off on Business Motivation

    It seems that many motivational speakers are in the entertainment business. They will teach you how should launch cries for projecting your inner strength or how should jump and dance to celebrate their future successes to the beat of we are the champions or what ever put that motivational speaker become diskjockey. Will you remember moments traumatic or emotional of his life in the midst of the gloom surrounded by candles, with similar to the best nightclub steam and speakers of high technology that emit music prepared so that you have your sensitivity to skin flower and is more easy to manipulate. Sometimes convince him to walk on coals to make you believe that it can support all kinds of pain. Is it a burn on the feet similar to the pain of an infidelity? So laugh until the tears, they will do so participate, playing as if he were a child. (A valuable related resource: Starbucks). They will do so to break wooden blocks to represent that can break their own mental blockages. You even take note of some phrases and will be hopeful his house the latest brochure full color of your favorite Guru.

    Then all those fireworks will last a few days and your motivation will be again on the floor and it will be necessary to return the motivator. That way many people are being trained indiscriminate and shamelessly by motivating that they don’t know of actual self-improvement and only are specialists in creating wealth for themselves and for organizations seeking to squeeze their workers to obtain higher profits. The lecturer ego is so inflated that it could travel over. People are being deceived by these pseudo GURUS of self help and are swept away by the hurricane of this terrible movement, which with treachery and advantage plays with his dreams, emotions and desires. Today success is a matter of marketing in the American style.

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