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    The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen finally informed enough time for extensive travel, hobbies and social life. But for many, the retire means nothing positive. Many know with their free time to do anything useful, and are unhappy that they are no longer needed. Is no longer being able to participate in the standard operating procedure for them not used to be equal. Ursula Unterberg Wegener, consultant from Oberhausen knows the problems arising from an operational delivery and informed solutions. Crisis that do not release after work can”of the owner the deutsche Industrie – und Handelskammertag in his follow-up report as one of the main stumbling blocks identified who can hinder a successful transfer of operation or even fail.

    (Source: springboard business succession, DIHK report for 2010 business succession, Deutscher Industrie – and day of Chamber of Commerce, economic policy, SMEs, innovation, Berlin 2010). Ursula Unterberg Wegener, consultant from Oberhausen for small – and medium-sized businesses, knows from personal experience that many owners completely devoted to their company and a life after work”can not even imagine. Many tend to get after the transfer of operating indiscriminately in projects”to overthrow. For example, the conversion of the detached house is organized or the garden will be transformed. For Mrs. Unterberg Wegener is too inadequate, because from your perspective, such projects are”also eventually closed off and then starts again a crisis of meaning”, in which many useless and socially no longer recognized feel. Early planning is recommended to avoid these crises, advises owners wife Unterberg Wegener, to deal early on with the life planning.

    Here, a qualified coach can help to deal with the personal loss of authority. As an alternative for the available time offers a voluntary commitment in Industry associations, Chambers, or non-profit associations to. For even more opinions, read materials from John Utendahl. Businessman losing not their industry contacts and provide valuable support through their knowledge and experience. For detailed information about life planning after companies pass the management consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener from Oberhausen available anytime.

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