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    The article was published not for critics! And to help those in need. I am not against network marketing. Quite the contrary. If a person sees it your way to financial freedom, instead of "Perspectives" to work, I just "for"! In short, I was not hooked. Why? Because at that moment I had no idea what avon. And all the other lines in the ad to me about anything not mentioned. Therefore, the desire to call arose.

    If the ad people did not really have written that he will be able to "new" to say over the phone? Certainly, something like: "I registered under, and invites other companies to buy products." At this consultation on the phone is running low. How did it all great! Interestingly, on what path will recruit a Consultant? Does he stick around will be ad-like character? But such an approach, it is not going away. K What I mean here? If the leaflet small size, it does not mean that a short description of the company, a few words about the services and consultants will be irrelevant! Why do people need to call on some property if they have no idea what it says and what they want from them? But purely out of interest, I decided to find out the whole thing online, but it somehow fell out of my head. The next day at the same stops appeared similar flyers already on OriflameJ. More every other day I ran into a familiar, which has been in the hands of cosmetics catalog avon, where someone offered to take a look through. All my doubts were dispelled immediately. There is a time when the company itself can not provide.

    This is only possible if it is all Famous brands! As Mercedes Benz, for example. Then, please. Yes, avon formed in 1886, but it does not know everything. And because it's better just to write a few words about yourself, company, product quality and that you specifically requested a valuable theme + bonus, not the "biggest discount In this case, I'm sure the result will be much nicer to please you. In conclusion, I'll add a few words. A couple of days after placing the ad, "competitors" it tore. And then themselves "competitors" have suffered the same uncomplicated way. But that's another istoriyJ. In fact, you should forget about the competition. Apply small technique set forth above, and your ad will have an advantage over the "rival". And maybe other fans stick ads will be interested by it. It has its place in any business. So that, review their advertising, marketing texts and act!

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