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    Experience shows that the more time supervisors spend trained call center operators, the offering of higher profits. Therefore, the company had reduced the number of workshops for supervisors, and administrative tasks, in particular, work with voice and electronic mail, it was recommended that a supervisor at the beginning and end of the day. And, of course, important not only to the amount of training, but also its quality. Supervisors should surpass even the best of call center operators in knowledge of product or to use existing systems, and themselves – to explore the next level of technology: technology improve tone, the study of the needs of the customer transaction. All of this leads to the conclusion that one of the most important points of the educational programs should be teaching themselves supervisors, and not just as a brief lecture on how and whom to teach, but in the form of serious training with role-playing games and submission of development plan for the employee. Sometimes the rewards program rewards programs may encourage operators call center to undesirable behavior.

    If the measure of the quality of sales volume to take profits per month, it will lead to what operators call center will not pay attention to all clients. Ideal system is one in which all tracks in a complex – and revenues, and expenses, and quality of service, with daily on each operator call center. However, bringing all the criteria for balance – not easy. Experience shows that an independent evaluation of the operator's call center on all three criteria leads to the fact that, for example, if you call the operator center to the end of the month develops a good indicator of sales, then it ceases to be responsible for them in the hope of redress through a poor indicator of the average call duration.

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    Catalog Customer Awarded By Rahimi & Partners:

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    It was exciting as at the final in the Hundertmeterlauf with the ‘letter of excellence’ at the competition: Hubert, catalog customer of advertising Rahimi & partner, missed the first place in the category at the prestigious competition catalogue of the year 2010 only haarscharf business-to-business and can look forward instead of the letter of excellence of three nominees. The award ceremony took place in the framework of the German mail order Congress. The catalog concept came from the pen of the advertising agency Rahman & partners from the upper Franconian Neudrossenfeld with more than 40 years of experience in the dialogue marketing. The magazine of the mail-order consultant”writes in its Special Edition”Catalogue and online shop of the year 2010″: Hubert impressed the jury with its excellent entry pages. Realitv young company in the market, Hubert has succeeded in staging the purchase of a known product range with a new provider as the right choice. The jury praised also the consistent good product photography, which is even essential food shots, if rather the plates and plates and cutlery to convince.” “A catalog made in Bavaria” is one of King disciplines by Rahimi & partners developing and optimizing sales strong catalogs and mailings. Jurgen Seiferth, Director of the Agency from Northern Bavaria, was on the spot and registered the ceremony of the star-studded jury with a smile: I am very pleased with this decision.

    After we already reached the first spot with our customers new country last year, the success continues 2010. This is the reward for our high quality work in a competitive market, we watch for over 40 years, accompany and influence. More than 20 printelligente and measurably successful mail order catalogs are on our credit side.” Hubert is the mail-order company only for a few years on the German market specialist for catering supplies active but that very successfully. Hubert is specializing in the cuisine, with its professional range for excellent service” Hotels, caterers, catering, and food retailers. The Hubert’s parent company has its seat in the United States. Rahimi & partners is responsible for the concept of the catalogue, photography, as well as the implementation of the environment and of the lug chain. Background information: The full service agency Rahman & partners from the North Bavarian Neudrossenfeld ranks for years among the top 50 owner-managed advertising agencies and supervised numerous nationally renowned BtoB – and B2c brands.

    Said expertise focuses on food, mail order and home construction. Moreover, feel good lifted but again (hidden) champions of other industries in the Neudrossenfelder Kommunikationspofis. With 40 full-time employees, private Photo Studio, as well as autonomous units for PR and new media, the upper Franconia for more projects see ideally positioned. press contact: Sabine Mohammad Rahimi and partner PR Kulm b first breed 38-40 95512 Neudrossenfeld E-Mail:

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