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    You must also obtain a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry checks whether the person or persons establishing the company ever been involved in bankruptcy proceedings or fraud. Taxes You have no right to tax credits for self-employment. Corporate tax has on profits, income tax has to pay directors. If you own more than 5% of a private company with limited liability (BV), you considered the owner of a substantial stake in the company. The new income tax system imposes a substantial share of profits (such as payment of dividends and profits from the sale of shares) in the basket 2 at a rate of 25%. Responsibility Private company with limited liability (BV) is a legal entity.

    In principle, creditors can make claims to the property only private company with limited liability (BV), but not on the property Director (Directors) or shareholder (s). Shareholders' liability is limited to amount invested. 7. Stock company Stock company – a legal entity without members, which is formed with a certain amount of capital to achieve the objective set out in the Charter of the company. Fund companies tend to be idealistic setting or social objectives. Stock companies are allowed to make a profit, but there are restrictions on how this profit can be placed. Therefore, fund companies and associations are not the ideal legal form for starting a business. Taxes if the stock company is the entrepreneurial activity, it must pay corporate income tax.

    The question of whether to pay value added tax (BTW) or not, can be quite complex. In principle, the responsibility, the director of stock companies are not liable for the obligations. However, if a stock company conducts business, the directors may be liable under certain circumstances. 8. Association Association in the Netherlands – is a partnership between two or more people (members) who want to achieve a certain goal. Association is allowed to make a profit, but profits should be used for a common goal. The aim must not violate law and order or to challenge public morality. Profit can not be divided among the members. There are two types of associations: the Association full rights under the law: the association is established with Charter, drawn up by a notary in civil cases. The association shall be the commercial register zaregistrirovanav Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. Association sogranichennymi rights in accordance with the law: The association nesostavlyaetsya notary. Association may be registered in torgovomreestre, but it is not mandatory. Tax Association, which conducts business pays corporation tax on their profits. The question of whether to pay value added tax (BTW) or not, can be quite complex. As soon as the association of responsibility with full rights registered in the commercial register, the leaders and members shall not be liable for the obligations. Once the association with limited rights registered in the Commercial Register, executives and association are jointly liable for contracts signed leaders. If the association is not registered, managers are jointly and severally liable.

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