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    October 7, 2016 // Comments Off on Bankruptcy Businesses

    Bankruptcy or insolvency – the inability to meet creditors for payment of goods. Including including failure to provide mandatory payments to the extrabudgetary funds and the budget, in connection with The poor design of the balance of the debtor or the excess of liabilities over its assets. In Ukraine, there is even a special body, which is designed to monitor the bankruptcy proceedings, but, unfortunately, even he often fails to affect the results. Bankruptcy forced to admit many of the company came as a result of the global financial crisis, and therefore to proceed to liquidation. This process very long and complicated, the average liquidation company takes over a year. The first thing the company has done an audit of productive assets and the residual funds in order to determine the exact financial condition of the company. To implement the final settlement and determination of the debt of the company information are placed in various publications. After receiving the information transmitted in the order of application to the appropriate authority, which works with closing a business.

    Analysis of the data makes government officials. In some cases a more detailed definition of the situation and to obtain more recent information, and then send the documents to update. Need to find reliable information in connection with this, came the bankruptcy of the enterprise. Need to find out whether an enterprise has outstanding debts and loans to third parties. After registration and fully passing the procedure of liquidation documents are stored in an archive of more than five years.

    Actions of bankruptcy law applies to absolutely all legal persons, exceptions are only state-owned enterprises, institutions, political parties and religious organizations. Bankruptcy system is extremely thin thing with a lot of nuances, details and tricks. Does not know the person behind it is not even worth taking. It is much better in the physical and financial plan to hire a qualified professional. Specializes in bankruptcy will consult, make the necessary documents and statements and provide representation in court.

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