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    There is not a niche in the market today, where would be no competition: the shops are filled with all sorts of goods, their quality touts advertising on radio and television, and newspapers and magazines are full of suggestions from an impressive number of agencies that promote, in fact, the same thing. Nevertheless, in the minds of consumers have already formed some stereotypes in the selection, for example, mobile phone or wristwatch: the first most will choose phones Nokia, while the second would prefer Rado. What about the appliances, the clear leader here is not for nothing is a German company Miele, existing since 1899 and are now the most popular brand, earned considerable credibility with consumers. A leading source for info: Richard Elman. Household Appliances Miele – it's widest selection of products for the home, as built, as well as solo. Say, Miele washing machines have the proper level of automation washing process: Softtronic – electronic control system, foam control, Fuzzy Logic – Automatic measurement, in addition, you can update the software. Coffee Machines Miele – a significant step forward in the preparation of this flavored drink. J P Morgan Chases opinions are not widely known. Coffee from Miele – it's satisfaction from the process of preparation: coffee machine automatically adjusts the degree of grinding grain, dosage and pressure, in addition, it will fulfill all your whims, whether gentle or evening Volluto Espresso in the morning and fluffy foam gives the drink a kind of joy out of childhood. Dishwashers miele – is modern, and at the same time easy to use interface and basic care. Miele refrigerator – a good choice for home, a special coating Interior walls to prevent bacterial growth, they help to keep all the freshness and the use of fruits and vegetables, to date, no need to defrost a refrigerator – freezer thaws itself when working with cooling system DynCool You do not need to worry about that just cooked dish is cold – in the refrigerator once it actually takes the desired temperature. Miele service – 100% availability of skilled professionals able to perform diagnostics and repair of this German company. It should also be noted that customers often refuse to repair household appliances Miele because of its high cost, preferring to visit Moscow to buy a new miele refrigerator or washing machine.

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    February 8, 2020 // Comments Off on Kitchen

    If you're not a young family just moved into an unfurnished apartment, then you probably already have a pretty bulky grain-old man, well, or not an old man. Naturally you sometimes, for the holidays to get it because of all this manually horde of guests prepare it will not work. After washing your holidays and leave you once again pushes him to the far shelf. Why? Because it takes place on the kitchen table because it's too big for a small portion in 2-3-man because apart from actually washing dishes and even those banks -cap from the combine. That has to clean up this processor in a box and once again turn to old hand technologies.

    And happiness is so close! After all, there is a special class minikombaynov, not less universal than the large. They themselves are small, compact. Cups-cups-mugs such harvesters are simultaneously and utensils for eating, and in the microwave, many of them can be put. Base (drive) compact – in any corner of the table together. Cups-mugs are easy to clean, including a dishwasher and stored along with the rest of the dishes. Convenient. It is this unit is good for everyday use.

    ENG-g- – and ready. No, we do not in any way call to abandon the existing or the purchase of productive large harvesters – they have their own niche work – for parties, large family gatherings, etc. And in general – who said that the kitchen should be a harvester? Nonsense! Already many families with two or even more cars at the front door, so why only one processor? More combines good and different! More productive harvesters – good! Combines compact class – too good! They're designed for everyday use, for small servings. Get into this combine. And let you in the kitchen are two combines different classes. The main thing to be comfortable.

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