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    Conclusion From the results found in this study is distinguished that the psicomotricidade in the half liquid, in the investigated population, still needs more to be argued and to be reflected, still the research is few that contributes for legitimation of this area of study related to swimming for babies and the performance of the professor of Physical Education. The results presented in the present work had verified in the first category, on the knowledge on infantile, that the professors consider the infantile psicomotricidade the affective development, social, cognitivo and motor psicomotricidade. In the next category, that is on the knowledge of the two conceptions of the psicomotricidade, relationary functionary and, most to the professors knows. Already in the third category on the knowledge of the psicomotricidade in the half liquid, sample that the great part of the professors has little agreement on this question. The fourth category questions the professors on the use of the two conceptions of the psicomotricidade in its lessons of swimming for babies, and the majority of the same ones answered that they use the two conceptions. In the fifth and last category on the relation of the methodology with the lesson practical, the professors had answered that in the practical lesson of relationary they use tricks, games and musics and in the functionary use objective activities in circuit so that all the pupils carry through the same activity. It is therefore that when is said in learning of swimming for babies to the source of the estimated ones displayed and the knowledge of the psicomotricidade a simple porting initiation cannot be guided as, in the measure where it compels itself to support scientifically and pedagogically in the psicomotor development of an only being in transformation, where affective, cognitivos, social and motor the factors must criteriosamente be respected, because only in such a way that such learning will go to collaborate for complete maturation of its dynamic total.

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    Vacinar Nurse

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    Patients beyond agitated run the risk of if to extubarem, needing bigger attention To control glicemiA rigorously hiperglicemia is associated with the biggest incidence of sepse, serious the renal insufficience and to the biggest time of ventilation mechanics and internment in UTI hidroeletroltico Control rigorosoO correct hidroeletroltico control provides to liquefazer muco, as well as promotes the expectorao and restitutes hdricas the losses decurrent of fever, sudorese, dehydration and dispnia. To notify how much to the purulento appearance of escarro or change of the characteristic of escarro already to existenteIdentificar how much before a possible infection and to evaluate continuously its I foretell To evaluate the vital signals systematically, oximetria and the arterial gasometria SO2 Monitorar carefully the evolution of the patient, in order to detect signals and suggestive symptoms of infection, as hipertermia, taquicardia, dispnia, etc. medicamentosa Administration in the stipulated schedule. 3C: certain medication, certain hourly certain candy and. To reduce the possibility of acquisition of farmacolgica resistance and microbiana Realizar complete physical examination in the patient (exclusive nurse). To evaluate its evolution and to firm the nursing process (SAE). To give to greater attention the percussion with macicez/submacicez and auscultates with creptao or increased broncofonia To request secretion culture when necessary (exclusive nurse or nurse of the CCIH) microbiologically To identify how much before an infection, as well as its antibiograma, to use therapeutical the efficient one in lesser time To carry through isolation of the patient in cases of suspicion of serious and/or resistant infection and in confirmed cases (exclusive nurse) To prevent dissemination of the microorganism in the sector and possible surtos Promover change of decubitus of two in two to horasPromover the full aeration of the pulmes, to improve the purification of secretions, as well as reducing the risk of atelectasis and the aggravation of the Vacinar pneumonia against pneumoccica infection patient of risk (aged; imunodeprimidos; imunossupremidos; chronic pneumopatas; lesser children of one year of age, born daily pay spa; primordially) Activation humoral immunity Realizar sterilization of high degree in the respiratory equipment, as protocols of the central office of materials and CCIHReduo of the infection for exgenos agents Trocar the circuit of ventilation only for new patients or when this will be to sujoEvitar unnecessary manipulation periodically To carry through microbiological examinations in setorA end of if knowing microbiota of the unit.

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