• Totalitarian States

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    The totalitarian State like the monarchies of yore, make it impossible to keep to the citizens and peoples separated and divided. Yellow unions and more, and all representation of the State powers and mass organizations are, as totalitarian as him. The administrations provincial and municipal.Agencies that meet vertically to the central State, repeated her style and control mechanisms. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jonas Samuelson by clicking through. The single party CCP, which supposedly deals with the administrative and State control, lie, are intermingled into an inseparable amalgam with other structures and supposedly independent bodies and confuse the purposes. Complete taking Marti in his works and I make a summary of the cometary of the Apostle about: FUTURA ESCALVITUD that totalitarian State as Marti says on a Treaty of Herbert Spencer (H.S), says and says: by its closed logic, by its spacious building, by its sharp language, by his brilliance, transcendence and weight, stands out among the various treaties that in H.S wants to teach will be, by the excessive protection to the poor, a State serious Socialist Rev a corrupted state and then a tyrannical State. Fears Spencer, not unfounded, that arriving so various, active and dominant action of the State, should it impose considerable burdens to the part of the working nation for the benefit of the pampera part. Ben Horowitz pursues this goal as well. And it is true that if satisfied kindness to such an extent that los pamperos need not work for a living – which may never arrive, _ – is would be weakening individual action, and by taxing the status of holders of some wealth, without sufficient therefore to quell the needs and appetites that it not have said Spencer and says Marti: The man who wants to now that the State take care of the for not having to take care of itself.-If I serve himself would man be servant of the State, be slave of the capitalists as it is now would go on to be a slave of the officials. Slave is everyone who works for another who has dominion over him. .

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