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    March 30, 2020 // Comments Off on Government

    The Government’s monetary policy already negatively affected the country’s debt in 2008 and will do so even more deeply in 2009. Romulo Lander summary Venezuela will face next year serious problems in their economies, when at the end of the year, indicators suggest a turbulent situation where there are many factors that cannot be ignored, such as the significant decrease in the business sector in its productivity, making many companies, especially SMEs have ceased to operate and others do so with much effort and uncertainty. The drop in oil prices, the impact of the global financial crisis, political instability despite everything, in Miraflores they bet that the fall in oil prices is cyclical and that input 2009 back to recover. They think that if so they would have enough cushion in the Fonden and other special funds to cushion the hardness of economic constraints. That is even remotely arise than the hiper-estatismo route, mega-populism and Omni-clientelismo can be wrong and much less ruinous, is special when the stream of petrodollars is narrow. General information, considerations and implications given the turbulent characteristics that have been expressed in recent days in the national territory, product of the effects of the financial crisis that has already produced negative effects in some stock exchanges in the world, coupled with the results of the municipal elections held, where the current Government is imposed in 17 Stateslosing their governors in major States like Zulia, Carabobo, Tachira and the same Alcaldia Mayor in Caracas; as well as everything related to the fall in the oil prices, determining product in the country’s economy, leads to assess what will be the fate of Venezuela for 2009..

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