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    The development of important disciplines as the economy has become the main tool of study and understanding of a myriad of situations of economic and financial indoles that affect people throughout his life. Under most conditions Charles Kushner would agree. Economics is the science that studies the production, marketing and distribution of items or products that bring certain personal as well as social benefits, from limited resources; Thus in a certain way in the study of the influence of economic movements in a social sphere of a country or region specifically. It is good to mention that it is also considered as a discipline based on the analysis and description of economic attitudes of a Government or local authority. The fundamentals of the economy are based on finding satisfaction unlimited needs from limited resources, implying that this discipline is mainly governed by certain basic principles, which must find and describe a correct use of the economic resources to satisfy certain needs at the social level. The study of economics as such begins as science in the 19th century, where the correct distribution of economic resources to meet social needs, became interested to various people from different fields, within the most prominent are Karl Marx and Jhon M. Keynes, which gave to the laborious task of formulating theories even though they were different approaching the same objective. For the study of the economy today has led to such an extent that the emergence of schools specifically dedicated to study the economy has been the main achievement of this discipline, within these schools the most outstanding found some such as the neoclassical school, scholastic school, physiocratic school, Keynesian school and of course School of Marxist economics.

    It is very good to highlight that the main source of study of Economics is observation, because to not determine reactions through lab exercises as other disciplines would do so, the economy focuses on the comprehensive analysis of social mass. An important aspect to emphasize the economy, is this thanks to its evolution at present is being studied from various points of view, among the most important are the neoeconomia; which relies in affirming that the direct relationship between market and State is a factor that affects all global markets certainly decreasing the possibility of globalization and at the same time economically affecting the social, when in reality aspect should not be so. It is important to highlight that despite the number of studies that is based on the economy all have three basic principles, which are: what to produce? How to produce? For who produce?, all these well resolved questions can significantly help a solution relating to various social and economic issues. In short, the economy is a very important study which contributes significantly to a solution to various economic and social problems within a Government or company, thus increasing the quality of life of people in a certain way.

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