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    During the last military dictatorship that usurped power in Peru from 1968 to 1980, there was a fierce resistance against it, which began in the universities and then spread to other social strata, in the universities, there were prominent leaders who exercised the leadership of this opposition with all its risks, Trujillo stressed in the country and within these young people who risked their freedomup to their lives and their studies highlighted Miguel Palacios Celi, young medical student, organizer, vehement, speaker, writer of the manuscripts that espousing through flyers and newspapers as a Popular University, appeared in newspapers, declaring in radio and television media, imprisoned several times then it was lost in time, became a doctor, specialized in Gynecology, he subespecializo in ultrasound and infertility in Spain, it made companies, Professor of the National University of Trujillo, essalud doctor why not followed that line when is opening democracy?, When falls the dictatorship military of Morales Bermudez, by popular pressure and calls for elections, feel like my other fellow leaders, with surprise and disappointment that several candidates coming out of the closet appear of the cowardice, come out of hiding unknown places that never risked anything, took their money hidden under the mattress, they paid for a spot on the list of candidates, they bought spaces radio, television and newspapers ads promoting as ombudsmen was such cynicism that gave me disgusting!, such was the disgust that I finished re-reading nothing less than a Hitler when he said luck that have the politicians that the populace is that stupid, I came to the conclusion that this democracy was a sham and in farces I not go 2.-you can say that PC. They are a lost generation? Good writer Getrude Stein immortalized this phrase – that was common in Paris of the 1920s – when he said Hemingway, but referred to young people in the Post – 1 St world war that is they engaged in alcohol and idleness, in our case, we gave the best of our youth fighting for pristine ideals, dreaming a world better, by a humanity less canibalizada and that gave us happiness, were not a lost generation but a generation that responded to the challenge of what history we demanded at those moments, so much so until Churchill repeated who at age 20 is not revolutionary has No heart!cameras and its members were anything else, sought to do business, founding universities private usufruct of them, accommodate families in jobs, put chains of faucets, etc good. and if that made them happy, good for them but that is a childish democracy and appear when the elected deputies, I repeat Senti disgusting! And despite the fact that we intend to participate, I never accepted, I never joined a list, because in my concept was a farce and arrope me in my memories of youth, dreaming of as many days, with frayed cuffs of Julian Shock, Gudelio Espinoza, of Angel Paez and so many other students who died in the streets fighting against dictatorship for democracy so that then appear a few deceivers and occupy seats pro – personal gain that gave me disgusted and I withdrew me 3.-you can tell they had bad luck? NO, because bad luck syndrome, was described by the psychiatrist Freud and refers to a complex d and inferiority and a fatalist Neurosis and anything that goes with us, on the contrary, we have always lived proud of being who we were and despite the years many so do not know and the extent of our happiness is precisely such recognitionthey are diverse conceptions of appreciating life, many are children bastards of Epicurus and Machiavelli, hedonistic, materialistic, they live to have, they are happily taking money, whatever, promising falsehoods to the village, overpowered promises, others are as said general Mac Arthur will die young, as young people, by that I never envejeceremos, because we have always been faithful and loyal to our principles and ideals juvenile! 4.-No is there a certain resentment, frustration in what you say? NO, because look at the polls what credibility does Parliament?, what credibility does a politician? that acceptance is the President of the Republic?, the only criterion of truth is the practice, the facts are the sole endorsement of words, and that practice to those facts I also never refer I postulated at the Congress, I quit that possibility since 1980 by Asco, now if frustration and hence I share with the people that immense collective frustrationwhich is a powerlessness, indignation against this cathode political system 5. Do cathode? as well? Cathodic camera (Tv) rather than legislative Chamber, more figueritis than legislators, spurious nephews of THOMISM, those who are there more for than to see, is to make look them 6.-but the left never had was most well one thing is the acceptance at the ballot box, where there if I agree with what you say, and another is the acceptance in the consciousness of the people, to win one seat in the polls needs to invest and strong, the curule is compra-no is free-, votes also and that costs, once in your curule you cobras and more than what you have spent, so simple, but as a political alternative and social effectively left-which in essence is the Marxism Leninism and its philosophical base of dialectical materialism – has failed but the idolologia still intellectually aliveThere are parties, there is organization and will emerge again fully justified by its tenets of social justice. 7.-Are leftist or believer? They are not mutually exclusive, they are not irreconcilable, is a false dilemma, a person can identify with Socialist politics and be a believer 8.-but the dialectical materialism is exclusive with false God, Religion is not philosophy, dialectical materialism if religion is not the result of some philosophical debate, is an inherent State of consciousness, is the truth revealed through personal experiencesis an intuition toward the sacred, faith is a grace of God 9.-God is not a human invention? That Epicurus, said the largest atheist in antiquity, 300 BC, repeated it Nietzsche, then other daffodils like Jean-Paul Sartre, Jose Santos Chocano, in any case stay with Immanuel Kant who said theoretically God’s existence is unprovable, but its existence necessary, Holy Tomas de Aquino was more emphatic Per is gli3r secundum, its existence – of God – is clear if same, or Dostoievski without God all is allowed and so there are for everyone, in the end it’s a personal decision, faith allows access to stratum depths of being human El Corazon!, which understands the reasons that reason does not understand (Blaise Pascal). In a question-answer forum Caterpillar was the first to reply. 10 Do you believe in miracles? Does clear that Yes!, miracles, are not facts that can be traced in extraordinary thing only, are events that are next to us and occur every day at every moment, 11.-Te crees benefited from some miracle? Of course! In (more than one occasion, for example you listed the following events, recorded in official clinical histories of the State, police certificates and in the minds of several doctors: to) on June 4, 1989 at 10 pm a front shock car 100 KMS. Per hour, where I felt shattered and bloody spleen, liver, Pancreas, omentum, laceradas bowel loops, with the steering wheel embedded in abdomen, with conminuta fracture of Femur and etc. Of injury in these circumstances the easiest thing was to die but incredibly I survived such an impact B) dying in the middle of Panamericana Norte, a Sunday at 10 in the evening who you going to help? but appeared a truck and a Bus with two drivers ready to everything to help coincidence?, Napoleon Saldana and Marcial Jauregui. drivers, with strings that were tied to his truck allowed that steering wheel out of the abdomen for being able to breathe, when you already could not more. (C) arrive on time to the Hospital’s emergency, with blood pressure to 0, with 3 grs. Ben Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. Hb., find blood at the Bank and have a good ICU at hand, with doctors of first level D) support 3 Paros heart, when in each strike of this magnitude mortality borders 99%, withstanding a Septicemia, bronchopneumonia, Renal Failure when mortality reaches 99.9% this survival can be luck, coincidence, milk? E.-listen to the voice of God and travel to Mexico when already in Peru had said that it was not malignant and to get there you say and prove that it was exactly the opposite and in 3 days you operate this tumor extending you life a few months milk? Do (F) Finally, when you’re on the last rooms, dying, comes an anonymous donor, gives you the liver, will operate 12 hours, you support, you do not reject, you evolve well and te salvas and quedas curing and bran, when this year the mortality in transplant was almost 19%, thats lucky? NO!, adds all these acts of fate, is luck Macro? NOThis is called a miracle! 12. As you expect retribution to those God Miracles? I hurtado St. Augustine his personal experience when he said my conversion at the age of 42, rather than a personal effort, was an action of grace and that I am making a personal conversion effort and hoping that grace 13.-Let’s say you’re a leftist, believer in Dios Tony Blair in his memoirs said that left and rightwas the French Revolution and it lasted for a few centuries but is already obsolete, there is now talk of openness and censorship! 14.-a final message Miguel I stay with the call made by Jorge Mendoza need decency in politics!, to do this you must create committees that taxing the politicians and citizens that these pledges have the value of a Moral contract! between the politician and the people, with all the rigor of a contract also still believer and Mariano.

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