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    Forum moderators are trying to prevent attempts to insult opponents who want to find out who is de right after all and who is wrong. In the literary world – it is quite common. However, the literary website, in this case "Hut" – not an armored car, but first and foremost a place of publication works. Unfortunately, for some authors squabbles are part of the literary life, and the moderators use to users such special measures. For rallies and demonstrations, there are many political websites.

    In "Izba-Reading", in addition to the publication of his works, you can defend any law, does not contradict the idea. Only this must be done by literature. If you want to express themselves, then why not write a brilliant work, then put it on the site. Rest assured, if the product does not matter – poetry or prose will be revolutionary, those who need their notice in the overall tape works. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jim Umpleby on most websites. And thus, you as a writer, able to move into the mass of their ideas more successfully than provoking topics at the forum.

    So, why do we, the authors of the site "hut-Reading Room," we recommend this site? In the first queue for that specific site – the literary and patriotic orientation, focused on the Patriots of the Russian language. And no matter where live people. In Israel, or Siberia, or in Bashkortostan in Moscow. The important thing is that his home Russia and the language he speaks – Russian! And if the author considers himself a patriot, the homeland of the Russian language, then to "Izba-Reading," he is always open road! In the history of our country were a lot of great things. You can not deny that as communism. After all 70 years of age also gave their good fruit, and we appreciate all that we had good at this time. We remember and appreciate what it was in ancient times to kings, all near and distant past. It does not matter what country you live. It is important, what you say, think and write in Russian. If you have something to say. And yet in a beautiful literary form, then welcome to the "Hut". There you will be greeted with warmth and comfort. The main thing that you need to understand is that Russian literature – is a carrier and guardian of culture. If you had written on paper, now published on the Internet is gaining more and more speed! I wish you success in the literary works!

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    Sergei Zhigunov

    March 15, 2017 // Comments Off on Sergei Zhigunov

    We are pleased to announce a completely updated, but unfortunately the unofficial site of actor, producer, adviser on advertising and a good person Zhigunova Sergey Viktorovich. On our site you can find the latest and relevant information, photographs, as well as media material. We worked hard to create this site and collected for you the most complete information about the film works with Sergei Zhigunov, a full description of films with the actor, which reflect the essence of the painting and its heroes. Such detailed mapping of films by Sergei Zhigunov will give you a better idea about the pictures and television series, which was filmed and produced by Sergey. After all, he presented himself not only a talented actor, but also a successful producer of such famous works as "The Countess de Monsoreau," "Queen Magro," "The Princess and the beans" and others. Filmography Sergei Zhigunov is quite extensive and more than 40 films and TV series. Films with Zhigunova remember and know a few generations, every role played by Sergei unique and different from the previous one.

    Sergei Zhigunov not complacent and continues to produce movies and series, to participate in projects and to act in gear. Sensational "Ice Age" in which Sergei returns from injury, his participation in social projects and advertising campaigns, new survey comedy and much more. Sergei Zhigunov no longer appeared on the series "My Fair Nanny" and a lot of work has been completed, but the actor and producer continues to creative activities. Zhigunov bright and interesting person with great creative potential. The last few years, the media do not lose sight of Sergei, relishing all the new details of his personal life and anticipating his future plans. Romance "Zavorotnyuk Zhigunov and" to be supervised by the whole country, not descended from the pages of popular publications. We have prepared for you a collection of materials, interview with Sergei Zhigunov, articles from various newspapers and magazines. Information from different sources can be quite controversial, and each edition are fighting for their truth, resulting in more and more new facts from the life of a famous actor.

    Photographs can tell a lot about the artist, his life and work. We have tried to fill the site the most relevant and interesting photo of Sergei Zhigunov, section includes several albums on various subjects, which are united by one thing – the life and work of Sergei Zhigunov, film stills, events and activities, photos from the set of projects. It's always interesting to look at the actor Zhigunova during the creative process. You can see the photos of different years: individual frames from movies, pictures that tell you about the current and past events, photos from family archives, published in various sources. Visit us on the site. Stay up to date in the life of Sergei Zhigunov.

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    The Boy

    January 27, 2017 // Comments Off on The Boy

    First, many stayed, but then began to run out of food stocks, people from starvation reached a frenzy, took away the bread, I tried to take, but I firmly held, I learned later, of the boy, but was frightened and ran away, and what I could do. Once on the distribution of bread straight from the man grabbed the weights and started to eat bread, his women were beaten, and he closed his hands and ate it. But I can mention, people have never climbed out of queue, all were calm, no one is nicknamed. People are people … When it became absolutely nothing to eat, we started buying leather belts. I will never forget as I stood at the pot and waited and waited … they are cooked for a long time to be you can chew … then my brother and I greedily swallowed neprozhevannye pieces.

    Bombings and shootings every day. Blunted feelings of fear for their lives. In the air all the time felt an odor of broken brick and scorched iron. Once the siren caught me on the street, and I hid on the first gateway. Roaring, whistling projectiles … For more information see this site: Marc Lautenbach.

    and suddenly, one came to the house where I was standing just on the other hand, in the front entrance – but there, too people were hiding. For a while nothing could be seen on the red dust … After the shelling, we ran into that part of the house: the entire entrance littered with bricks, and there were killed and wounded …

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