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    Although in this case the freedoms taken for with the original work, called do they dream of androids with electric sheep?, they are quite spacious. There are subliminal and basic ideas of the work of Dick, but plot, its characters, and its atmosphere differ significantly from the original text. However, is of the few occasions in which an insult to a literary work in its film adaptation leads to one even greater work thanks to Hampton Fancher and especially to David Peoples. I mentioned to Fritz Lang and precisely of this filmmaker think it has much Blade Runner. Michael Antonov has similar goals. This futuristic dystopia already appeared in the German classic and is one of the emblem of expressionism films, two essential elements in this film.

    Do also George Orwell tried the first one with the famous big brother in his novel 1984?. That omnipresent eye is also in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner in a very special way. Not only appear an infinite number of planes where the eye has great relevance if not that one of the first planes of the film is also an eye whose pupil reflect the fires (of hell?) of the exteriors of the Tyrrel Corporation. The character of Gaff can also be a personification of that big brother, since throughout the film we can see how he constantly guarded to Deckard. This last can be drawn that if you watch it is because Deckard is a replicant used by police and Gaff is something as well as his secret supervisor, which rewards your ward with a treat at the end for a job well done: the figure of the Unicorn (which presupposes as a signal via free to escape but also a revelation). In this regard they have circulated over the years numerous theories about the origin of Deckard and doubt about whether is a replicant or not.

    As response to this came the version of director in the early 1990s. There are several different mounts, but the most renowned are the Directors Cut and Domestic Cut. The differences are Directors Cut eliminates the voice-over of the protagonist who had Domestic Cut (the version released in 1982), the abolition of the epilogue (here the movie ends when the doors of the elevator close with Deckard and Rachel inside) and the inclusion of a plane in the scene in which Deckard is in his apartment playing the piano. The plane in question is a reverie of Deckard with images of a Unicorn and is the key to the end the figurine that Gaff leaves suppose one final revelation about that Deckard is a replicant. The unique Directors Cut pro is that it closes all doubts, but has against which to suppress the voiceover the character of Deckard lose depth, in addition to seem much more villain. Who thinks, I included, there are also ambiguities that the Domestic Cut left are another attraction for film. As I always say with great movies such as this, it is impossible to summarize all that can be said of Blade Runner in a few lines. Especially being a quite reflective and very complete film in all aspects. A poem of supernatural beauty that must be remembered. And if, as he is encouraged in the film, we fear that our memories are not real it is best that we ensure and come back to see her once more. That our eyes enjoy it.

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