• Trip To Germany – How To Avoid Mistakes In Choosing A Hotel

    March 21, 2019 // Comments Off on Trip To Germany – How To Avoid Mistakes In Choosing A Hotel

    When it comes to hotels, practically tourists start to think about the 'stars', not knowing that this method of estimating the hotels almost always adapts to the specific features of the country. This means that Hotel '5 stars' in Egypt may differ significantly from the five-star hotel in Europe. Of course, there are certain international standards, but unfortunately, they are not respected at all times. Since we are going to go to Germany, then let's see how things stand with the classification of hotels in this country. We immediately note that hotels in Germany, in most cases, adhere to established rules, and if you choose '5 stars', then get the appropriate level of service without any discounts for local flavor. However, at the beautiful home of beer and Bavarian sausages offer their services not only the standard star hotels, but also other types of accommodation, are not subject to the usual classification.

    Tell you about them in more detail. Aparthotel – a fairly simple option for those who need somewhere to sleep. Minimum service, modest rooms and lack of power – that's the characteristic features of such apartments. But cheap! Apartment – located in the large tourist complexes. According to many tourists – it is one of the best hotels in Germany in relation money. Vacationers will be offered a wide range of suppliers servants and convenient means of transport. Especially interesting is this type of accommodation for families with children, because parents have the opportunity to save on food and prepare meals independently of the acquired products.

    Bauernhof – a farm. You will probably be surprised, but the majority of the peasant farmsteads give visitors the opportunity to live in nature, where, as we know, and cleaner air, and the grass is greener. Campingsplatz – the usual camping for 'mobile homes', and tents. Practically does not differ from native camps. Flag is possible unless the presence of electricity, showers and toilets common use. Gasthof – a small hotel in Germany, which are located in rural areas. Despite its size, and residential complexes are taverns, where you can enjoy delicious national dishes, television rooms, playgrounds and even conference rooms. Hotel – this is what we are accustomed to understand by the word 'property', ie hotel enterprise with a certain set of services and level of comfort rooms. Kurklinik – a residential complex near the resort areas, licensed to provide medical services. Accordingly, the work here is not only staff but also physicians. Complexes are equipped with all basic necessities for living disabilities and offer guests diet food. Motel – is a hotel company, which is located on major thoroughfares. Intended to serve the people passing by, that is – has convenient parking and driveways. Pension – in fact, it's very cozy private hotels household type. Residents will be invited to meals and other services. Some people believe that the best hotels in Germany – this is pensions for typical They atmosphere and friendly attitude to customers. In what is a hotel to choose – choose to only you. We just want to remind you that in Germany there are types of accommodation and recreation for every purse and taste, so boldly go here on vacation – without a roof over your head you will not stay.

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