• Keeping Up With Customers

    August 15, 2019 // Comments Off on Keeping Up With Customers

    The detail is that much of the regular customer base are companies that sell products and services primarily targeted at population groups who have enough purchasing power to be signed (or subscribe) to a cable television service or Satellite and these companies need and what doubts in terms of marketing and sales can mean a double whammy of exposure a medico silenced and erased from the screen (RCTV) and replaced by a void and commercial communications (TEVES ) and two channels despised by the vast majority of the target audience for their products (Venevision and Televen) … in this scenario: What’s the point of keeping the media strategy?, who is seeing how expensive campaign cost?, does sense to insist beyond what is reasonable under these conditions?, is not it more effective advertising to make additional investments in the media cable and satellite, which did not report any benefit to RCTV, but if they achieve the desired exposure to Venezuelan consumers ?. Advertising budgets are limited (even if they seem) additional investments in half mean reduction of investment in another (the opportunity cost of sending). Connect with other leaders such as Kevin Johnson here. I believe that despite the undoubted experience and business acumen that has highlighted the Cisneros Group for so long, in this case, is not anywhere: We have favored react and move in the immediate short term over long-term vision and it is aired Cisneros this message also suggests that the assurances given in exchange for the submission are more precarious than it at first appeared to them, let him show the same … a Tambien Venevision is true that the license failed for 25 years requested, but only for five years.

    Venevision is currently analyzing the appeal of that decision through the regulatory procedures establecidosa Perhaps the rejection and the behavior of a venevidentesa or trends of customers force them to think of a difficult future, it should be read as what is, not the players or the staff of the plant becoming or claiming solidarity with RCTV civil rights … is the owner of the circus trying to excuse himself … a explained Venevision seeks balance and objectivity is very difficult to obtain. Venevision seeks to be a means of conflict resolution, not a protagonist who intends to eliminate one of the two sides in the conflict Nacional. A Graves issues not resolved overnight disguising sister of charity Gustavo Cisneros and tried today, no backtracking is pushing spectacularly because behind the a gendarme which monitors compliance with the agreement in the barracks or changing direction because, as graphically described the situation as a cartoonist for days, the floor around fell, which do not have to take their decisions concerned the fill placed on a narrow and unstable and can not move.

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