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    There are many definitions of coaching. With regard to business coaching we can say that coaching – a professional employee assistance company in defining and achieving its business goals. Coaching focuses on the rapid increase in the skills of the head or the Executive in order to effectively solve business problems. Coach does not give advice – on the contrary, he asks questions. But as a result of clarify these issues, client and articulates its goals for yourself, clarify the task and and finds the best way to solve it. Coaching assumes that every person has tremendous inner potential problem and a coach – to disclose this potential and, when it comes to business coaching, use it in the interests of the company.

    Thus, the difference between coaching and consulting is primarily in the approach to solving customer problems. The consultant works directly with its task. In other words, the consultant, having studied the situation, offers its complete solution of the problem or gives clear guidance to deal with it. Or, if needed, takes full solution of the problem itself. Coach works directly with people in order to address their task. Coach does not offer ready-made solutions, but gives employees the opportunity to find these solutions on their own, as well as find the most effective way to implement these decisions and requisite resources.

    Consultant – is, first and foremost, knowledge and experience. Knowledge of how to act properly in a given situation, how to solve a particular problem. Experience in solving a wide variety of business problems and issues according to their specialization. Moreover, not only his personal experience, but also experience of his colleagues, the experience of other companies, both successful and not. Unlike a consultant, coach – it is rather a partner to solve business problems. And here are important, not its expertise in business, but how well it possesses the skills of coaching. It is these skills coaching allows the client to find the right, sometimes unexpected, solutions and maximize the effectiveness of their actions.

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    However, the conditions of simple commodity exchange provided production capacity of more complex tools, requiring a significant investment of time and effort in their production. Craftsman long could work on these tools, since it had been always sell their products to maintain its existence, while the potential buyers of these instruments of labor – farmers – lacking its products for one-time payment. This begs the obvious out of the well this impasse – the union, co-operation of producers for the purchase of needed them more productive means of labor. But markets were still not developed, the farm was largely natural, incentives for transition to more productive methods of production was not enough and demand for, respectively, more productive and more sophisticated means of labor did not occur. The situation changed with the development of monetary relations. Individuals have to collect the money commodity – gold, silver (as opposed to ordinary goods, subject to damage) that it was possible to give ‘in growth’, with interest, for example, the farmer to purchase tools, seeds, etc., under its income from next harvest. More enterprising of the wealthy class saw a great benefit for themselves is to not release funds from their hands, but on the contrary, they acquire tools, hire employees for the firm fee and all profits from their labor to leave myself. Thus appeared the first factory and the first capitalists – the organizers of production.

    This stage in the development of human civilization can be dated to the emergence of economically and informed and politically-approved property rights law as separate from the ownership and superior it. Indeed, so far the ownership actually coincided with the right of possession: the peasant could hold only so much land that was able to process, a craftsman – only those tools, which he actually used, etc. The additional accumulation of land and labor resources are not any good brought, and therefore it was pointless and that the real income gave only ‘possession’ man – in the form of slavery, serfdom, debt and working out, etc. Ownership of the land of persons who are not working on it – the princes, lords, churches, etc., in fact, was acquired by force of arms and armed force is withdrawn. In the feudal monarchies of land ownership provided even less: the land with the peasants surrendered servitors people – nobles ‘to feed’ and the end of their service or dissatisfaction with it climbed to more successful transfer of the servants of kings. Thus, in these times of property in land and other resources and tools outside their individual efforts of employees was largely a form of manifestation of brute force the invader or the will of the monarch or feudal lord.

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    Around Ravines

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    Many successful companies will sooner or later face the gradual reduction of "revolutions", when employees become accustomed to the settled rhythm and do not want to give more strength than required by the required minimum. Unmet This state of affairs leaders are considering various options for "restructuring", in particular, think about introducing the system of management by objectives (MBO) KPI. Such systems are long (more than 20 years), but the attitude towards them so far ambiguous. Despite the seemingly obvious advantages, their implementation often does not produce the desired result. Why? The answer is simple: "It was just on paper but forgot the ravines." This is not surprising.

    Enter the search System word: 'KPI' and you get about a million different options. In this issue, as almost to implement management of KPI (avoid gullies"), or not considered, or considered by the example of leading Western companies. For Most Russian companies cited the recommendations of practical value is relatively small. So you are planning to introduce management by KPI. Where to start? Obviously, with the development of themselves KPI. Given the amount of literature seminars and websites devoted to this theme, this stage is likely to go smoothly. There are more "gully" is not there, so consider it, we will not.

    The first "ravine" – reluctance (fear) of the workers to move to a new form of labor relations. And people are afraid not so much the fact that their work will be assessed as that he will be judged unfairly. And these fears are justified. First, it is not always the result of labor depends on the motivation and capabilities of employees. Very often the cause of failure is the poor organization of labor, which is the introduction of KPI can not be cured." Second, the activities of many companies are not transparent, which also helps to establish trust between employer and employee.

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    Corporate Secretary

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    And in fact, both cases have their attractive sides. With self-administered, the register is always "at hand", and any operation in the registry can be performed directly on the location of the company, the analytical information available to management of the issuer at any time, and the safe in which to store documents that make up the system of keeping the registry, creates a feeling of security and reliability. But, as practice shows, in a separate registry of increasing the likelihood of violations that create the ground for conflict of interests within society, and loss of property rights investors. Still fresh in the memory raider attack, supported by a fake registry, "double" the registry, or simply force the withdrawal of the registry from the most reliable, metal enclosure. For this reason, many stock Society, by law, have the right to register themselves, prefer to use the services of specialists and passed the registry for storing specialized registrar. However, a considerable number of societies, sure of Security of your storage and the skills of their employees, has continued to register yourself at your own risk. The situation changed with the release of the Order of the Federal Financial Markets Service dated December 27, 2007 07-113/pz-n, which establishes the Additional requirements to issuers engaged in self-maintaining a register of holders of securities. In accordance with the order, the responsibility for maintenance and storage of the register is assigned only to the person performing the functions of individual executive body (which usually is the CEO of company), and can not be assigned to other persons or other bodies of the issuer. In other words, if conflict situations, "fault" error in the registry system can not be passed on to the employee (or group of employees) who are in the state of the issuer and which maintains the register. In independent, so-called "manual" of the registry, this work was entrusted to a specially appointed Corporate Secretary, or, more often – legal department (company lawyer), or even when the absence of a state attorney, accountant society.

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    Navruzov Jury

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    Human nature of managerial inefficiency of managers and subordinates Causes of symptoms and methods of eliminating Navruzov Jury, managing partner of consulting firm Netton CG, Professor of Management, MIM-Kyiv What hidden reserves are increasing the value and prospects of organic business growth? Is not this a question that worries everyone, without exception, of owners and managers the most progressive part of the Ukrainian companies! And do not whether or not to think about the answer to this question, before considering options for investment in expanding production and distribution, in the acquisition of new assets, and other forms of inorganic growth? Below – Some recommendations leading to open and use existing reserves management efficiencies. Examples of inefficient decisions and actions consider several examples to illustrate the ineffective solutions managers and, consequently, ineffective action performers in different – the real and simulated – situations. And try to learn the right lessons from them. Cross-functional solutions require coordination action of the major American company that produces natural gas heating equipment, has decided to locate production in China. Terms were limited to the need to have time to seasonal demand growth.

    Chinese engineers accustomed to finding options to reduce costs, switched to lower-quality materials and components, cheap paint, placed controls and maintenance of equipment, not where it is more convenient to the user, and where more technologically cost to build. The fact that rarely see and often can not see The subjects offered to scan luggage at the airport. Moreover, the pre-reported frequency with which may come across dangerous and prohibited items. If you say that in every other bag, the error was about 7%. If – in every one hundred, then the error increases to 30%. It is often blinded by the success of managers and can not make the right decision Quartz mechanism invented by Swiss watchmakers, but dominance at the moment the market has not allowed them to see the prospects for further development of the market hours.

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    Start Using Crmcontrol Approach

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    We found that CRM is on the one hand, a comprehensive business philosophy, on the other – a process or tool to focus the company virtually for the implementation of the client's interests, in other words, this comprehensive philosophy. Its central element is the establishment of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between buyer and seller. And so, before embarking on vndreniyu crm-systems or Quick Sales Sales Expert, what would become, in Ultimately, a company using the principles of CRM, you must answer ten key questions. They can be grouped into the following categories: customers, relationships, and management decisions. Clients: 1. Who is among our customers? 2. What our customers want and what they expect? 3. How valuable are our customers? Relationships: 4.

    What type of relationship we wish to establish with their clients? 5. How can we contribute to establish relations? 6. How can we achieve cooperation and establishing joint control? Managerial decision-making: 7. Who are we? 8. What should we do to bring value close to our customers? 9. As measure the performance of our business and to manage them? 10. How to improve our ability to implement change? Getting answers to these questions – a necessary condition for the success of CRM in the company.

    These responses are determined, firstly, evolution of the firm's relationship with its customers, and secondly, to develop a management plan for relationships across the company. I would like to add that this article presents the main issues for the implementation of the principles of CRM in end of the company. Each of these questions, in my opinion, porazhdayut still several issues that, in principle, are nothing more than a consequence of the specifics of a particular company. Anyway, each of these points could be devote a separate article, especially the decision-making, here just a mass of submerged rocks. Any subsequent stages of implementation more gramozdkie and more specific questions included the internal partnership to create market-oriented company, involves questions of mission and strategic goals of the company (design, selection, development of marketing programs, tzuchenie and review, checking and correcting). Include issues of personal sales and general overall relationship as such. But, as they like to express heroes tevelizionnyh talk show 'that's another story. " The next article will be dedicated to just the preliminary stage, namely failure CRM-initiatives.

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    Business In The Mist

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    If your company has a tool to understand the manager, the director of the entire picture of yourself and do not depend on someone else's words – means business is transparent. And what's happening in the company, if such a tool is missing or not "Works". Occurs in approximately the following. For example, for the formation of the contract legal department must provide customer details. Forming account, please God, without error, based on another instance data from this same client.

    We make a payment – run again with the details, but the accounting department. And if the data passes through the sales department, finance, logistics, etc.? In addition, the whole chain of these documents – not connected with each other. Contract in one place, in other accounts, offers were on the computer manager, who resigned, and payments in general client bank. That is what is called a fog. That is, in principle, can be seen, of course, but very poorly.

    Exactly mist in the business processes of executives brings to hysteria, when you need to find some minor issue, but the staff member responsible for this issue is on vacation or retired, or information of commercial and data accounting differ. Ask any manager, director, business owner, whether he wants to fully control your business? I think the answer is obvious. Business is transparent, when all employees are clear. And this understanding not only in words and on an intuitive level, and by building a clear organizational structure of the company, which gives a clear idea of the functions performed by each employee and functions that have not met or duplicated. Organizational structure to optimize the number of personnel departments, to simplify the interaction of units to evenly distribute the load on the staff, improve productivity.

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    Tina Turner

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    "Simply – the best ', as when a white Tina Turner. Not for nothing is hidden in this word the word growth, and the word is difficult, the word – false. It's surprising how the people who come to me in interviews like to complicate everything. For many, if work profitable, be sure it will be difficult and highly skilled. In the case of the word JOB, which is hidden word BRA – be unique! After all, what would be the chief or the production of pay you good money, you must bring a profit in at least 5 times more than you pay, is not it? You know the difference between an intelligent man of wisdom? Wise gathers smart people and build their business, but smart workers get paid. I do not understand only one thing. Why are so fond of salaried employees to abuse their work? Do not they have chosen it, not whether they continue to work on it? Moreover, for every new job situation is repeated over and over again.

    The fact that any the man is paying for the value that he brings to the world around us. Which brings VALUE unemployed, homeless, and (pardon me) a pensioner? Zero. Without social support from the state died from hunger to – the fact. Rule number 1 you NEVER pay more than you stand at the moment. Rule number 2 Do you want to earn more, increase their value to others.

    Rule number three 24-hour rule. On the last little detail. Each of us in the day, only 24 hours. Of these, working time 8-10 hours. How to make a value we can only at this time. Do just that all employees. Chiefs come to the next. They are trained professionals and have a percentage of the value that these workers are fired. Just as the 2×2. The difficulty is that many do not know where to begin, and (or) do not have ideas, money, time to start a business. Franchising can give each try their hand at creating their work. Unwound trademark, real products or services to sell. The trick is that you can always sell itself, and can even teach it to others. Very scary? Then the fear and change your time for money further. Want to learn the cause in which you will pay a percentage of sales people who work together with you? Then look for business opportunities and franchising in particular. Personally, I gave it a lot, hope to give to you. PS I promise, the words 'work' in my ads you no longer meet. I'm tired of chat and talk with the slaves.

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    Sixth Itself

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    There is another way for the entrepreneur. Get business "turnkey". Wait, we already kind of talked about it, but there is one hitch – you need a large start-up capital. And do not get the credit. Never. About this in another article.

    What You can start a business without investment? Nothing. Attachments required are minimal. Moreover, it is recommended to start a business, being on their main job, where you still pay the salary. Therefore, the minimum investment you can highlight not even on the business itself, but in itself – a loved one. Because the most basic and the driving force behind this business – you! Develop yourself! Distracted.

    And where is the turnkey business? And here it is – a business with a network company. Note – not in network, and on the network. You come into this business not as an employee, as well as self-sufficient business partner. So, first you have to hand key strategy for developing your business. And you do not waste time and money on their development, both in the linear business. Second, you already have an office where you are meeting with partners and customers. Yes and no cash register hangs on your neck, and warehouse services you do not care, it's all included in your package. Of course, not disinterested, but it biznes.V Third, you will receive free training in business, ie not only the scheme, but also practical navyki.V Fourth, you get the personal growth trainings, which provide a powerful pulse of energy into your life, that o-ho-ho! If you want to change something in their lives, begin to change yourself! Fifth, you're going through training courses on the actual product, its properties and methods primeneniya.V Sixth, is redirected to your main living resource – time – in a different direction.

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    Case Information

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    Thus solve two problems at once: in the database automatically generated invoices for shipment to each client and develop a plan to produce footwear for the production. At the same time minimized the human factor: there is no duplication of information, all information is entered correctly. Most often in retail trade TSD is used for inventory in the warehouse or on the trading floor. Mobile technology is several times increase the productivity of employees engaged in taking into account cash balances, reduce errors, more effectively address issues mixture of patterns. To solve the simple inventory problem when you want to compare data on the balance of goods in a database with the actual remains, fairly simple terminals. May approach model batch-terminal four-line display with an inactive button keypad. At the large warehouse and distribution centers can apply more efficient data collection terminals, as well as in the case necessary equipment with an extended working temperature range. As a rule, industrial terminals have an increased degree of protection, shock-proof design (some manufacturers guarantee TSD performance when they fall on a concrete floor from a height of 1.5 m).

    This is a rather large device, which sometimes exceeds the mass of 1 kg. For convenience, the option to attach them to the body of the loader. In the case of terminals in the address storage warehouses may be a need for graphic information on the whereabouts of pallets with the required commodities. In this case, would be justified in the use of terminals with a large LCD display.

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