• The 11 Rules For The Life Of Bill Gates

    February 12, 2014 // Comments Off on The 11 Rules For The Life Of Bill Gates

    Do you want to know what are the tips that can give you the richest man in the world? Because you’re in luck because Bill Gates gave a speech a while ago at his former Institute where he explained what are the 11 rules that every young man should take into account. OK, maybe don’t be a student of secondary but surely that if you look at the essence of these 11 messages you will see that they can serve to anyone. Here you have them: life is not fair, get used to it. The world no matter your self-esteem. The world will expect you achieve something, regardless of you to feel well or not with thee same. You will not earn monthly $5,000 just after leaving the Institute and will not be a Vice President of a company with company car until you’ve finished the Institute, studied and worked very hard. If you think your teacher is hard, wait to have a boss. That do not have teaching vocation or required patience.

    Devote to flipping burgers not away dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for describe it: llamaban le opportunity. If you put the leg, it is not your parents fault, so don’t you whine by your mistakes; learn from them. When you were born, your parents weren’t as boring as they are now. They began to be done by paying your bills, cleaning your dirty clothes and listen to you talk about the super cool you are and how close they are.

    So before your fight by virgin forests contaminated by the generation of your parents, starts the way cleaning up things in your own life, starting with your room, desk, wardrobe and carrying case. At school the difference between winners and losers, but in real life may have been removed do not. In some schools already not lost academic years and give you the opportunities you need to find the correct answer in your exams and for that your tasks are becoming easier. That has no resemblance to real life. Life is not divided into semesters. You will not have long in faraway places summer vacations and very few heads will be interested in helping you find yourself. All this You will have to do in your free time. Television is not real life. In everyday life, people actually have to leave the film coffee to go to work. Be nice with the NERDS (the more applied your class). There are many chances that end up working for one of them. Not be to you but my I love these speeches. If something about us Americans highlights is that know sell to none. Are you not agree with me? Well, watch this video and convince you. It is a typical American, in this case about the life of Bill Gates, which extol the life of the protagonist and documentary always begin with photos when was kid, so take care the boy. I’m not saying it’s not a noteworthy character of extolling only backdrop that you paint all so nice that if you just not worshiping to the character is that you are a sickly skeptic like me or a damn cyborg without feelings (or both). Either way take a look at this unique biography of one of the largest employers in history. Enjoy it! LINK to the VIDEO original author and source of the article.

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