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    June 10, 2016

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    What you should say is that people of great success in the network, these gains have been achieved on the basis of work, sacrifice, dedication, persistence and personal effort, and all this within a framework of a certain length of time then called trajectory . People are excited, you get your hopes up with these stories but then when they see it is really, realize that you need to invest money and be willing to work hard, to receive setbacks and missteps, to try and test, … .. Ben Horowitz will not settle for partial explanations. are disappointed, you're disappointed. I think the best is that you tell the truth from the beginning, you know that it is and not create false expectations. The reality says that having an online business is relatively simple and fast, but it work (this is to stop money) is something else quite different, with few exceptions. But I have not written this article to prick the balloon because I am one of the least intended that, just want to be well informed, and to be aware that it IS POSSIBLE TO GET WELL TAKE YOUR ENTREPRENEURSHIP and succeed, you should only wear what makes missing.

    Obviously depends on the ability and personal commitment of each individual, but even less knowledge available, these, you can get, available in the network itself, for the good knowledge you need some money and you can support the effort. Finally: I think this we must pose as a challenge, the first thing you should know is that if others have done so you can achieve, and this is real. ALL, ALL, can have your Internet business using the tools, resources and opportunities offered by the Internet today itself. Not tomorrow. Get started now with the project that you like online, be not afraid, you must be aware that "it is a path but, like many others," is not easy, but that is perfectly passable for anyone, and if you have good in "clear" from the beginning you need to "put all of you" (all means all) the way to the goal is much simpler than you think. Good luck!! Eduardo Blanco.

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