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    February 26, 2017

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    The care Act tells us that anything that our mind pay great attention will tend to grow and will eventually manifest itself, we can make an experiment and is as follows: take a coin of his country and begins to observe it very carefully, his eyes to concentrate absolutely on the idea of seeing in detail that currency, look at the figures, take it from one angle, then another, bring it closer and move it away, touch it, do this 4 times a day for about 6 minutes each time, do so only to not be interrupted. Perform this practice for several days between 4 to 6 days, apparently this practice seems meaningless, but it is not, you are actually making a totally powerful practice, it is telling you your mind that you want to that currency and will notice as the currency appears in their lives in different ways, the sight in the corners of your homedan back, going down the street and found, etc. At the end of several days could collect many coins. Now many people ask me, well, then I will do that same with notes of higher denomination of my country, the truth is that Yes it works, but it is mentioned that when this practice of currency is made, the brain makes a subconscious image and the currency has facilities and is that it is small, has no colors and details are small, for the ticket just should work but need more time and energy. Click Jonas Samuelson to learn more. . The important thing that the reader should check with this exercise is the power of the mind once is implanted an idea, this power has been used by many people to send messages to our subconscious mind so that we do not perceive it, well this is called subliminal message, which are hidden messages on television, cinema, books, posters, etc.

    Through subliminal messages are inserted ideas to acquire certain behaviors, beliefs and/or buy certain products, the fundamental basis of the previous year is repeated, the more attention the currency take faster and with greater intensity will manifest in your life. Subliminal messages have been used for years and in reality we have suffered some kind of manipulation, the important thing is that we know these procedures and we may use this information to our advantage. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Howard Schultz. Now you know why many brands don’t lose leadership, then has come the opportunity for you to program benefits to you through powerful subliminal videos. They have designed a series of videos, made by professionals so that you can schedule in his life: wealth, health and gratitude, is necessary to use the information on our behalf, please visit our website and purchase three powerful subliminal videos to acquire high daily income, you don’t ask where, you only wish it and practice it.

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