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    August 23, 2020

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    Field supervision is an integral part of the process involved in carrying out coordination of redevelopment or reconstruction of buildings. Field supervision is carried out under the contract (instructive document) and is normally held during the entire period of construction and commissioning of the facility, and if necessary, and the initial period of its operation. Field supervision is carried out to control quality and relevance of the operations design decisions, during which the acts are made of the hidden works and magazine production work in the prescribed manner. In the absence of supporting documents, in particular, acts of examination of the hidden works, the quality of work performed, the inspector, on an absolutely lawful, may require you to survey by opening the structural elements. Agree that performed the autopsy by destroying the already repaired elements of your interior can be much more expensive.

    Field supervision consists of the following steps: 1.Nadzor for proper implementation of the author coordinated the design project. 2. The necessary correction, and addition documentation. 3.Podbor finishing and decorative materials. 4.Konsultatsii customer. 5.Vypolnenie not planned works (as agreed) 6.Vedenie magazine supervision. The need for supervision is the responsibility of the customer and are usually installed in the specification for the design of the object. If you want your project fully consistent with expectations, be sure to order the author's supervision, the cost of this service will not play a significant role in the overall cost structure, but you'll feel much more confident. To advance know the order of their costs, ask to calculate the cost of supervision before the rabot.Osuschestvlenie supervision provided for all construction projects by individuals and legal owners-developers of the project documentation, as well as designers using (processing) of the draft and having a license (certificate of membership in SROs) to perform design work.

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