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    September 18, 2023

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    Discussion pages, private messages, and automatic notifications of the explain engine new functions of twick.it that has crowdsourcing platform Twick.it integrated, which allows users to communicate with each other better. Next to a talking corner for public discussions, a silent post for private messages as well as a radar for automated notifications can be individually set to the available now is the knowledge community. With the new communication channels, the Web Developer Sean Kollak and Markus Moller want to optimize the community formation of the explain engine. What can Facebook and Google, we can have long, Sean Kollak and Markus Moller have thought. Unimpressed by the hype surrounding the new social network of the world’s leading search engine provider Google, two Web developers have developed a solution for the users of the explain engine. This communication is only means to an end, such as Sean Kollak stresses: Twick.it never wanted to be a social network and it will never will be. Who wants to link chat, his circle of friends and discover news, is much better off on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Sergey Brin
    shines more light on the discussion.

    The new features of Twick.it serve only to optimize the exchange between the users.” The focus of the knowledge platform, the maximum 140 characters are still long short explanations which are evaluated and semantic algorithms linked automatically by the explain engine by other users. Gradually emerges as a comprehensive social glossary. Talking corner instead of timeline to differentiate themselves from the social networks of America, consistently put developers on German labels. Says the explain engine talking corner, whispering post and radar instead of timeline, direct messages, and alerts. “Markus Moller explains: by naming everyone immediately knows what the function is good.” So to ensure that the use of the explain engine remains as simple and intuitive. Yet another difference is to highlight: In contrast to the news on Facebook and Twitter all declarations of Twick.it are available under the Creative Commons license and may be used with appropriate sources mentioned. The data can be tapped via an open interface to implement external applications.

    Success with external applications including benefit bloggers and company announcements as outsourced glossary, but also augmented reality apps, smart phone apps and a podcast for free knowledge, has already been implemented by the community. Recently Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala sought to clarify these questions. In the growth markets of mobile usage and location-based are scheduled services other applications, where the 140 character statements of the knowledge community can be meaningfully inserted. This includes Sean Kollak: everyone is talking about the Semantic Web we are building it. With the declarations formulated by people and evaluated Twick.it has knowledge in its most compact form an immensely valuable resource.” Up-to-date information on current projects and plans of the crowdsourcing platform are regularly presented in the corporate blog and discussed with the users.

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