• Safety Of Decorative Fire Facilities & Bio-Ethanolkaminen

    September 13, 2023

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    The German DIN standard separates men from the wheat with bio-ethanol-fired decorative fireplaces and ethanol fireplaces are still a relatively new technology in the German market. While enjoy the extremely simple Designfeuer and Designkamine of a growing enthusiasm, more are needed but no chimneys and lugging wood is also eliminated. t approach. A real fire that allows each one to bring a unique and cosy atmosphere in his home or his apartment. Handling, but also to advisories, however not all end users are so familiar such as E.g. the handling of conventional fireplaces, which are fired with wood and charcoal grills or gas popular for decades. In addition, the market is also increasingly covered by cheap imports or simply unsafe and therefore dangerous devices just to make a deal at the expense of security and therefore of the consumer. To prevent, that unsafe attachments, not certified, the not the new DIN 4734 meet a whole technology and hence an entire industry discredit bring, have become well-known German manufacturer to a working group of decorative fire facilities & ethanol fireplaces\”within the Association of HKI joined together. The HKI (House, heating and kitchen technology) industry association represents manufacturers of large kitchen appliances, as well as domestic heating and cooking appliances for 60 years.

    In the spring of 2009 leading German brands have joined forces as also artepuro in this working group, and developed a German standard in close cooperation with the TuV. The implementation of the now published DIN 4734 should meet the highest standards of quality and safety decorative fireplaces and ethanol fireplaces. This is 4734 November 2009 published was. All the equipment of the brands involved in this development within the Working Group to artepuro, already meet the required security criteria at present or are currently on this DIN standard adapted.

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