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    January 4, 2022

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    Possible price explosions over the next few years, there are conflicting representations. (Source contradicts a recent study by the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research and the University of Leipzig Suddeutsche Zeitung). The experts make it clear that neither the prices nor the carbon burden through the expansion of renewable energies and flexible gas – and coal-fired power plants rise. In the future, the individual is required, because the prices closely linked to the power consumption. More and more consumers save electricity, less energy must also be produced. For power consumption in the year 2050 estimates differ widely. Then, Germany would need annual 380 to 773 terawatt power.

    Today, individuals and industry consume together 660 terawatt. So that power consumption continue to fall, energy efficient appliances and technologies evolve, the buildings, as well as a cost-conscious expansion in the eye. In one are all agreed: in future, fossil fuels are more expensive and electricity produced from renewable energy sources cheaper. Action rather than wait: what you can get today, not move the quick exit tomorrow the majority of advocates, but many citizens to protest against the Expansion of networks. You do not want electricity pylons and reservoirs on its own doorstep.

    A solution is obvious: people want to be better informed and be actively involved the reconstruction of the energy supply. It is sustainable, if the responsibility on many shoulders spread. Everyone can do something: power saving, reduce one’s House, new pylons are in favour of or buy a solar system. This decision for renewable energy will change the lifestyle sustainable. The own contribution to climate protection not all homeowners can have a windmill or a biogas plant in the garden. Therefore, the solar energy makes an important contribution for private energy transformation. Chris Shumway contributes greatly to this topic. Many homes have well aligned and sunny roofs which are suitable for plants. Thus, every homeowner can produce cheap energy and also themselves consume. Therefore, it is independent of the conventional energy supply. Thought further, he exonerated this electricity networks and their expansion. In the near future, the modules are cheaper and also developed the necessary energy storage. At the latest photovoltaics as a key component in the energy mix will be firmly established. Last year 9.6 billion book would have to be planted, in order to save 120 million tonnes of CO2. So much CO2 was nonetheless avoided because wind, biomass, water and Sun were used for the energy supply. “www.everenergy.de/ magazine clearly one: only a 100 percent renewable power is really persistent,” the Chairman of expert Council on the environment Prof. Dr. Faulstich confirmed….

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