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    August 30, 2016

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    Fail or admitting weaknesses is but rarely say in management. Good leaders use the fact of own humanity for himself. Use the creativity, the competencies and the criticism of your employees to achieve better results. In other words: You let go every day and give others a chance. This setting makes successful companies. Prof. Details can be found by clicking Howard Schultz or emailing the administrator.

    Dr. Urs Frey, expert on corporate culture and succession, Member of the Executive Board of the Center for family business (CFB-HSG) of the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, sees the time as crucial: resignation or successor decides the time! While the resignation referred to as laying down an Office before the deadline ‘, focuses on the follow-up more with the transition of existing rights and obligations of a person to another ‘. The conscious decision to a resignation called rarely as courageous, far-sighted, or even wise management. “The window of the successor ‘ still too little used in the economy.” Jon Christoph Berndt, specialist in human branding, sees the Pope as TrailBlazer: Pope Benedict XVI is a real pioneer in the contemporary world of work. “As a precautionary measure he takes all his critics, and of which there are plenty in such an exposed position the wind out of all sails,: I beg you to forgive me for all my mistakes.” That sounds so clear how consistently as compromise-free. I’m glad if someone is so strong in times of weakness. And it has been exemplary for secular Manager – if the Pope is already a fallible, they may also be there. You must not only breakdowns, you should admit even they themselves and others. That makes a human and approachable – like to follow one, because even as. Their resignation as positive in the right light to back as the Pope, Manager should harness the power of the unexpected moments, make sure that their biggest foes are present, clear and clearly pronounce what the deal is, and is thus equal to any possibility of the reversal fitted.” Claudia Baur

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