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    April 30, 2020

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    Rome was not created in one day. You already must have heard this phrase some times. Stuart Solomon can aid you in your search for knowledge. They speak for people when we are impatient, anxious and wanting that the things happen soon. why this subject? Because it has everything to see with marketing multilevel (MMN). To start to work with MMN is to start a business. as any business, needs persistence and focus, abilities not developed in many professionals and entrepreneurs. You, enterprising of MMN, have had the persistence and the focus necessary to make its business to grow? The information regarding the mortality of companies in Brazil give account of that, in 5 years, in the average, more than 95% of the initiated businesses if extinguish. We need to be intent to this information.

    One of them pillars of a successful business (mainly of MMN), is ‘ ‘ blood in veia’ ‘ , that capacity that we need to have to face the challenges. This ability to face obstacles, to keep the balance and to continue in the walked one is what it is called resilience, ability key for our success. Resilience is type that toy ‘ ‘ Bobo’ Joo; ‘ , that you of the one cover and it comes back toward the place. Any entrepreneur of success (and in the market of MMN he is not different), needs to develop this ability daily. The resilience is as if it was the fuel for the persistence and the focus, all indispensable ingredients for its prescription of success. Therefore, one remembers: each time that you will be if feeling defied or facing a problem to continue expanding its business, with will to perhaps give up, or discouraged, thinks that you are in the truth developing important muscles.

    abilities is as muscles: you develop you are exercising. One remembers that what not in the bush, fortifies in them. To finish, they follow 5 tips to increase its persistence, focus and resilience: 1 has specific, clear, positive goals and writings in the paper (or its 2 computer) has a written planning saying as you intend to reach these 3 goals you make a periodic revision (I indicate weekly) to follow as it is the course of its planning in relation its 4 goals has somebody with who to talk on its goals and its planning; he can be a friend, one coach, a community in the Internet etc; the important one is that ‘ ‘ 2 heads think that 13 better; moreover, you will receive some points of view that has perhaps not perceived before 5 invests to time and resources in its personal development; the results to our return only improve later that we improve We think about this.

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