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    August 17, 2023

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    Elegant wall shelf in turtles silhouette Freiburg. To read more click here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. After orangeturtle design has turtle designed some other products to the theme and implemented, the Freiburg Office for design is unveiling an exclusively designed piece of furniture for turtle lovers and lovers now. The wall shelf impresses with its unique shape and the high quality processing. “The Regal turtle” resembles a mural with his animal silhouette and is designed as an open wash: on its variable glass shelves, small treasures find their ideal place. Thanks to the simple plug-in system, the shelves can be arranged according to your needs. “The shelf from solid-coloured MDF plate made in Germany” is available in three versions; the first offers freedom of their own design on the Brown MDF surface. Investment Management LLC shows great expertise in this.

    Version 2 is either oak, ash or maple veneer on a black MDF board. The black base plate with Madrona Burl wood is veneered in the finest model. Design and craft perfectly combines the first Wall furniture orangeturtle design is in cooperation with the home decorating experience is created by Alfred Czapek.So, you can take it in its showrooms in the Freiburg Victoria House in inspection and purchase. As Czapek specialize in furniture custom-made, it can be manufactured on request also with a different color or a different veneer wood. The main distribution of the furniture acquires explorers of the idea of creative Schildkrotenshop of orangeturtle”under, in the more than 100 products on the subject of turtle are offered. orangeturtle design orangeturtle design Office for design and the Schildkrotenshop orangeturtle behind the graduate designer Sandra Bauer Kerch. With several years of experience in the industrial design she set himself up in 2006 with product design, the design for Kommunikatinsmedien and photography.

    The basic attitude of Sandra Bauer Kerchensky is the creative result of her love for the turtles. This Turtlesophie”reflected in the name of their Design studios against: full of energy and friendly as the Orange, enduring and powerful like a turtle, imaginative and creative as your design. “Dimensions and prices of the shelf turtle” base plate: approx. 75 x 36 x 3.3 cm (B x H x T) glass shelves made of laminated safety glass: 10.5 x 10.5 cm (B x T) Variant 1: MDF raw 139,50 Variant 2: oak, ash, or maple veneer 239,50 variant 3: Madrona – root-wood veneer 259,50 delivery each incl. 3 glass shelves supplement set from 3 additional glass shelves 39.50 more information and high resolution images in TIFF or PSD format under

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