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    August 5, 2020

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    Almost any commercial establishment (and not just commercial) are now making sales planning for a month or a year and oversee the implementation of the plan. Quite often, this plan fails. Sometimes due to the fact that is not true that some predicted, the plan itself is sometimes overestimated, sometimes influenced by any force majeure situation, and sometimes simply not enough goods in the warehouse, required for its implementation. This article will give an example of the report that I am at the moment enter in the company. The report will be made once a week for the meeting of the trade.

    One of the issues being considered at the meeting, it is certainly the plan sales. Sometimes, the question of why the plan fails, the managers respond that there is no product in stock. Sometimes they are right and sometimes it's a subjective opinion and is made up of individual cases, the demand for a product that is not top-end and in the presence of it can not be (busy on request). Especially for In order to see the real picture has been developed to this report. First, determine on what products to do it. Make a combined ABC XYZ analysis, if you have not done it. I chose a group AX, AY, AB and BY. And broke the report into two parts.

    Pervan is of AX and AY, second BX, BY. Why? It will be calculated the percentage of stock availability, and when the situation is not good enough group A and group B are completely different on the final impact on total turnover of the company. Reports on these two groups are identical. I probably will not go and talk like that in this report, but just to show you. Screenshots and explanations are on my page: more>> This simple method of detection of whether your balances the expected demand for the product, can greatly assist in inventory management and the enterprise as a whole.

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