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    December 13, 2017

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    All this in two years. Impossible? Lol One at a time. One of the things I’ve learned is to share. And not only material goods or money. Share your knowledge, your skills, your experience may be more helpful to some, that the same money. Goals must be measurable and achievable in a short period of time.

    Small goals allow you to reach a large target. A. a. So the goals are achieved. I’ll give an example.

    For this coming year 2011, one of my goals is to reduce weight, because with the anxiety that gave me to have stopped smoking, I recovered some kilos which had fallen at beginning of year. As plan a goal begins by defining it. That is what you want and how long you want to do it. I am going to lose 10 pounds in 8 months. (I then plan how to maintain achieved weight) It investigates the necessary resources. Diet? Which one? Medical advice? With whom? Exercise? Which one? Where? I need to do? Costumes? Attachments? Evaluates options and begins. If you would like do I start? Remember: small goals allow you to achieve great goals. I begin with a walk of 20 minutes a day. Change the sugar of my drinks by a sweetener without calories. As more fruit (according to advice) and drink more water. This in the first week. The next week they will be 30 minutes. The dinner will be more lightweight like lunch. The metabolism is activated when we eat less but more often. This helps to metabolize calories better. I distribute better food (quantity of carbohydrates, sugars, flour, etc.). Evaluates to the 15 days and reframes according to results. It continues implementing improvements and evaluating. This is just one example of how to achieve small goals. It allows you to achieve them in your mind, i.e., don’t forget that they are so large that you drown in the attempt. Slowly, step by step. I assure you that if you start with one small goal and reach it, this will be your first step towards an infinity of possibilities. Have a wonderful day.

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