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    December 3, 2016

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    This work show the importance of the presence of the family in process of learning and development of the reading and writing, also shows to the unreliability of the family in the accompaniment of the pertaining to school life of the children and the paper of the school in fortifying the participation of these in the pertaining to school space. Ahead of the research it was observed that the parents have conscience of its paper in the education of the children same who this participation still leaves to desire, also observed themselves that it is necessary that the school takes the inseriz initiative them in the process of formation of the educandos. One perceives that this insertion is a great challenge for that they are involved with the educative process of children, adolescents and young. She is necessary that the school and family search each time plus a relation of partnership with commitment, in order to surpass the existing difficulties in this relation. Therefore the family, exactly suffering with all a transformation process of its social paper, its traditional standard of organization; still it is certainly the place where the first contacts are developed of child with the world, where important concepts are learned as moral and ethical values, where if has shelter, affection, love and support. During the carried through research, one notices that to read and to write well she requires effort and devotion of the pupil, and also necessary mediation of the professor. To construct understanding she fits, therefore, to evaluate the paper of the pupil in the construction of the reading and its perception of the process, as well as the paper of the professor and its perception in the development of the ability to read and to write in the process of learning of the educandos.

    One understands that she is primordial the daily and conscientious participation of the parents in the school, either interacting directly in the school, either supervising the studies, worrying about the education, assisting in the tasks, searching solutions, interacting the all instant.

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