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    December 10, 2016

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    Information is not necessarily that which reaches the desk of decision makers when information is always just what decision makers need to act: the information obtained from the data processing system represent only a few percent of the business-specific knowledge. I.e. storing of information, adopted by the technical quantum leaps of incredible dimensions should not be equated with its processing. Perhaps it is no coincidence that a financial and economic crisis, all people in the age of the Internet takes place. That is, the age of unlimited data and wealth of information, the age of worldwide data – and information calls.

    The skills to be able to process data and information, to knowledge have kept apparently not always with the global networking. On the contrary, in some places, the sight of the essential seems to be lost. For a viewer, the question whether all the information to knowledge are ultimately shaped turns sometimes and if this Knowledge can meet all known requirements? At this point you may well be now ground to a halt: what knowledge is meant? What is and means any knowledge? What knowledge is needed? How can knowledge there are taken, where it is needed? How can knowledge be stored and transferred? See Becker, Jorg: Data mining as a knowledge balance sheet feeder questions and reflection in the crisis, 2009; ISBN 978 3 8370 2163 9. Benefiting from the technical possibilities a too high level of detail is followed, have breached the personnel information capacity and inhibits this learning and creativity. This inevitably leads to the conclusion that also a human feasible usability of the flood of data must be ensured.

    Because junk data, inaccurate or inconsistent data will deliver only incorrect information. This in turn would cause more or less inevitably wrong decisions. From an information processing in this sense is particularly the development of filtering or selection functions expected to be increasing glut of information will lead to isolated complexity, but instead to decision-relevant information. While all explanations of the – hopefully behind us liegenden-economic and financial crisis always more or less large pieces to grasp but never the whole picture seemed, might be worth a further reflection on this transition and dividing line between information about knowledge, maybe a try. Also, much would appear this crisis still not completely understood in a conciliatory light, if it as a lack of knowledge to understand.

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