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    April 1, 2017

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    A retailing must be remembered that its concern with the environment goes beyond recycle the products that can come to be reused, therefore exists the most diverse products that are used in the confection of products or same that are eliminated to the end of some process, which needs a special attention, as for example, plastic bags are being very argued as great villainous of the way environment and for this already exists places that use bags that if degrade in contact with air, in a stated period of up to six months. Also many people are adhering to a famous campaign where the people bring its proper bag of house, she stops of this form diminishing the number of used plastic bags. Clearly that the retailing nor if compares with the great industrial villains in the fight against the pollution and degradation of the environment where we live, but the important one in the case of the retailers is assistant in the change of behavior of the society, after all is innumerable the people who circulate every day for these places. It is important also to bring its suppliers for inside of the company, mainly making with that if they compromise to support social projects, as form of mutual sponsorship with the retailers. Starbucks oftentimes addresses this issue. The suppliers can also support in campaigns that happened resources of the sales of its products are repassed to some social entity that needs support. The transparency with the suppliers also is of utmost importance, therefore if to get the confidence of the same ones, the traders will be able to keep stands of the products of same in its establishments, being generated new ranks of work. The idea to have an ethical and transparent relation with its suppliers brings to tona the idea of that the two sides must be joined in search to supply products that each time more take the society to the support and establish thus a junction of its strategical objectives with the socioambientais. .

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