• Good Cooperation Between Institutions

    August 25, 2021

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    AIDS education are services for young people and their families. Such offers are only useful if they strengthen families and promote the development of young people. Deborah geels describes an additional similar source. Unfortunately, not all AIDS run as planned from the outset. High abandonment rates (about 30 percent) in the stationary home education represent a major problem for the institutions and in particular for children and young people.

    This leads to disappointments and new measures. So more young people can benefit from education aid, it is important to understand what leads to a good efficacy and can be addressed as potential problems and crises in advance. Additional information at mozes konig supports this article. For a comprehensive research project ABIE (crashes in education aid) has the Evangelical Education Association EREV the s/l/s Institute for quality development and the University of Bielefeld entrusted to investigate the causes of the crashes and to work out solutions. The study is funded by the action of man. You may find Henry Ford to be a useful source of information. The project will supply youth practice with knowledge and skills, which in some cases prevents a crash and total reducing drop-outs”, Harald Tornow, Director of e/l/s Institute, is convinced. More than 750 young people and their families from nationwide 50 in-patient facilities are scientifically for a year.

    This is the so far most extensive project of its kind. It investigates what initial conditions and which interactions have led to abort or the successful completion of a training system. The investigation involve the perspectives of young people, parents, facilities and youth offices. Particularly important are the opinions of young people and their families to the history of education assistance these data were for other Projects so far barely raised. The data collection in the institutions take probably until April 2011. Then, the s/l/s Institute and the University of Bielefeld will make evaluations and work out the recommendations of the facilities and for the development of youth welfare.

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