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    November 4, 2019

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    The chosen ones had been in accordance with the below relative table to the initial list of the population. Calculation of the Sample: After effected the collection of data of the sample pilot & was adopted as changeable criterion for the determination of the size of the sample; ldquo; to possess all the employees with employment bond, some Of the sample pilot 10% they possess all entailed ones, 4% with some and 86% with no entailed employee to the enterprise between the respondents. Adopting changeable values 10%, 4% and 86%, still amostral error of 5%, trustworthiness of 95% following formula was calculated the size of the sample using itself it statistics, applicable the relative values: Where: = 0,05 N = 204 & alpha; = 0,05 p = 0,10 q = 0,04 r = 0,86 n =? Z = 1,96 Getting itself: n = 5 Therefore, the sample pilot of 51 respondents very exceeds and the minimum desired for a degree of acceptable trustworthiness, resulting in an extremely satisfactory method of sampling. 3.2. For assistance, try visiting JPMorgan.

    It collects of Data: It was used application of a questionnaire subdivided in partner-economic and profile of business for the sampling, searching to verify of quantitative form the profile of the entrepreneur, the degree of formalizao of its business, the administrative tools used in the control countable-financier and the degree of satisfaction with the reached results. The partner-economic questionnaire had 12 objective questions that they will determine in degree the partner-economic profile of the entrepreneur in the society where is inserted. The questionnaire of business profile possesss 28 objective questions that will determine the index of formalizao and level of control countable-financier of the establishment and degree of satisfaction of the entrepreneur with the business. It..

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