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    August 27, 2020

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    Little by little they are clarified the circumstances of the accident of the AF-447 of Air France that in the heat of crashed Atlantic the night of the 31 of May to 1 of June of the 2009 when it covered the River-Paris route, causing death of the 228 people who traveled in the apparatus. The last elements kept awake yesterday by the Office of Investigation and French Analysis (IT SEES, in his French abbreviations), independent organism to the control of the technical investigation, aim at that the fall of the Airbus A330 had to a series of erroneous maneuvers of the pilots, who lacked the formation necessary to respond to the failure of the soundings airspeed indicators. Whatsoever, according to the organism, it is soon for reaching definitive conclusions and sends to the closing report that is expected for the first trimester of 2012. Source of the news: : The accident of the River-Paris flight had to a pilotage error.

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