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    March 10, 2020

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    All these years, perfume kenzo spans leader in popularity. Many flavors Kenzo has already gone through several reprints, change the design of bottles and packages, and sometimes in very eau de toilette kenzo added new notes, making the lighter flavors, but do not alter the composition of flavor. Kenzo perfume for men and Women's regularly updated with new original flavors. They differ in their perfection and absolute no similarity to the other. All fragrances are brand difference: they combine the radically different components. So Kenzo perfume Flower by Kenzo, launched in 2000 well illustrates, the history of perfume is as follows: a seemingly fragile flower of poppy growing and ascended to the big city.

    Flower by Kenzo perfume is enveloping powdery scent and The original transparent bottle. After the success of this fragrance, the brand began to update its design perfume. Kenzo perfume for men and women drafted by the laws of ikebana – mostly it is a restraint. Indeed, in Japan traditional use of perfume was considered bad form, so all feedback on Kenzo agree on one thing – perfumes for men and women is ease of Kenzo, freshness, charm and timeless beauty. Kenzo fragrances permeated the Japanese concept of "Wabi" – the beauty in the simple. Each flavor, whether male or perfume Kenzo perfume Kenzo for women, imprisoned in the bottle design, which is an independent work of art of perfumery. These bottles can be admire quite apart from that they contain odors, so they are original and stylish.

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