• Educate For Coexistance

    March 10, 2017

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    The departure point of the meaning of the world and the others is that meaning. The capacity to give sense, to mean the world and the own experience, happens through the capacity to criticize the senses and the other people’s sinsentidos ones. meaning happens through the relation: what space generates for we communicated, we felt protagonists, to express what I feel, which defies to me. The people become significant for nosotros/as when recognizes like another one to us another one : they do not manipulate to us, nor they use. They offer time us. She has sense which I make, insofar as she allows to be I myself /o me, express to me with and before the others. We look for the sense not only individual, but institutional because to construct senses she is to have a discussion, to arrange with the other what we considered significant.

    It implies to know, to approach the institutional identity and thence to be open to conjugate the diverse interpretations. It is important to make the exercise of translation. We have moved in the context of a homogenous culture, that not exigia recognitions of the cultural diversities. The task is now greater and demands to recognize, to translate and to cross the meanings. 4. TO EDUCATE FOR THE COEXISTENCE To educate to coexist is to educate for to live with because we are in the world for between helping us, no for between destroying to us, as Rodriguez said to gift Simn. For this reason, all learning is a Inter-learning. The phrase was also coined by gift Simn. The key ones happens through the shared thing, reason why it can be learned of the others. In synthesis, it is not possible to be educated to coexist if it is not educated in the cooperation and collective participation, in the Inter-learning.

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