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    August 6, 2023

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    Alanus University awarded best design with free study the nationally recognized Alanus Hochschule for art and society in Wigan/Bonn at the beginning of the study in the autumn of this year a scholarship writes. By the same author: Ben Horowitz. Academics of all disciplines who wish to learn in the master’s degree business administration to rethink economic can apply. The Fellowship of the Faculty of economy covers all tuition fees, incurred in the regular study period of three years in the in-service master programme in business administration. The best sketch of the idea for a business project will be awarded. Who impresses us with an outstanding project sketch, gets tuition adopt”, so Lars Petersen, head of the Economics Department. The coherence of the overall concept and the consistent representation of the means chosen for the project realization is especially important to us”so the professor. A project sketch, which represents major development steps of a business plan shall be submitted. All prospective students can apply, that have a have a first university degree.

    Academics of each specialization are addressed, because the master program will be both trained economists offered also for graduates of other subjects, the need for Business Know-How postgraduate course in their profession. Therefore the spectrum of possible projects is correspondingly wide, as Petersen pointed out: be submitted, for example a marketing concept for a social institution or the design of a sustainable distribution logistics for an organic food can manufacturer. The development of approaches to the reduction of CO2 balance at a financial services company would be another way.” Applicants are therefore not a certain choice bound, so the professor. Besides the business focus, it is rather important that the project in a company is located, in which it is carried out by the fellows in the third semester. The part-time master’s degree business administration, which has been accredited by the internationally renowned agency FIBAA starts for the first time in the autumn of this year.

    All those who take up the study, over the entire regular study period of three years only pay half of the tuition: 250 euros per month. The master programs of business administration knowledge management guiding and junior executives of each specialization. So the students are simultaneously sensitised and stimulated to creative and flexible action for responsible, value-oriented economies, are also art and philosophy part of the studies. With this combination of subjects, the students should learn to rethink economic”, as the motto of the Department of economics. The students can specialize either human resource – or global-management in social. Business graduates are also the focus of supply chain management and marketing management to the election. Applications for the scholarship will be accepted until August 15. An application for the master’s degree is possible at any time.

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