• Costa Brava

    July 31, 2023

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    The Costa Brava is a very varied and very rich region whose landscapes are very different depending on the area: there are very maritime areas and more rural and mountainous areas. But the common denominator of all these is preserved as well. In my opinion, some of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava are found in Begur and Tamariu, peoples the very next two each other. Let’s see some of the most notable beaches of Begur: Sa Riera this beach has 180 meters long by 30 meters in width, making it the largest of Begur, although also the most well known. In addition, this beach has all services, apartments, mooring boats, camping and has been awarded the blue flag distinction for its beauty and its services. The level of occupation of this beach is usually high.

    Aiguablava this beach is 75 meters long by 25 meters in width and is characterized by its very fine sand. The well-known national Parador de Aiguablava is located in it, and although it is an isolated Beach has access for the disabled. As in most beaches of Begur, Aiguablava occupancy level is high. SA Tuna this beach has 80 meters long by 15 metres wide. It is a beautiful and beach paradise, but it has the disadvantage that it is excessively Rocky: sand mixed with pebbles and stones. One of the charms of this beach is that it welcomes large numbers of boats of the fishermen of the area. It tends to be quite full in summer.

    Playa Fonda this beach is 170 meters long by 20 meters wide and owes its name to its characteristics: it’s like a dark and rough sand cliff. It is an isolated Beach, which makes it difficult to access it, the composition of which is dark grey sand. It is located between rocky walls with vegetation of pines, with a beautiful natural environment, but it lacks equipment.

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