• Collective Consciousness

    December 24, 2020

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    With the self-made reality – LifeSwitch – meditation technique Sandro Paolini, RealityCoach from Wuppertal, is out on September 1, 2008 his new and unique meditation technique called LifeSwitch. This invites you to experience that everyone can easily created and literally in the world put reality and experience in using of own breath. Bestsellers such as “the secret” show us the great interest of the people on the subject of conscious reality design. The LifeSwitch-breathing meditation is a tool, that in deep relaxation direct acts as affirmations and visualizations, since they primarily work with the mind. LifeSwitch uses the power of the breath and the subconscious and is very easy to use. It offers users free and undirected life energy and the ability to direct this energy throughout life. Interested parties the opportunity to sign up for the joint movement in the life switch project, see or shop.menschLicht.de. The price is itself definable and the more people participate, the greater will be the effect on the global consciousness of humanity that more awareness is always all over the world. Speaking candidly Sensex told us the story. Reality coach Sandro Paolini Arrenberger road 90 42117 Wuppertal Tel: 0202 9808654 (11 – 13 clock) fax: 0202 9808653

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