• Christian Audigier

    November 5, 2018

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    Gimme5 and many new George Gina & Lucy bags arrived every woman wears handbags. Of course not just a handbag to fit naturally to the rest of the outfit. During the flood of offers, it is very difficult to prevail in the market for a new brand. With grandiose success however succeeded in this bags George Gina & Lucy. There are probably hardly someone who still not perceived the hip pockets of GGL. Especially the snap-hook, who may lack any bag, became the trademark of the young label.

    And although each one has their opinion to the accessories by George Gina Lucy, nobody knows exactly where this brand at all comes from. Several rumors about the origin of the designers and their bags were circulated. The fact is that it a German specifically is a Hessian company which we owe the stunning bags, wallets and sunglasses. From another planet presented how fashion online shop Modestern.de from now a large part of the current George Gina & Lucy collection on. In addition to the popular bags and purses are also sunglasses in the range, to complete the range of GGL accessories. About 40 other trendy brands such as Ed Hardy, Smet, Christian Audigier, Desigual, Laguna Beach Jean co., Superdry, GIO GOI, true all mankind as detailed trademark information and product descriptions, religion or seven or 7 for can be found on Modestern.de. The delivery and the return shipping are national shipping within 2 working days – so that the eyes of the customers to sparkle like the fashion Star”in the night.

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