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    October 11, 2017

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    The main linear Thinkertoys are: a Face: If when troubleshooting a problem, we assume as certain things that are wrong, the final solution will be incorrect. The broad assumptions investment thinking. Many thinkers have creative ideas and invest when they question the obvious. Flounder Technical a: Follow the model of force field analysis, which allows you to see how positive and negative forces push and pull you into the best or worst case scenario. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kevin Johnson. Futura a Fruit: You can identify the forces (economic, technological, etc.) some impact on the decision and, from there, build four or five future scenarios. Celebs Galleries: It consists in listening to the great minds of history, both real and fictional. Trevor Cleber Technique: The more expert one becomes, the harder it is to innovate. Talk to someone force their specialty.

    The main Thinkertoys are intuitive: The Three B: The best ideas come when they are not thinking in solving problems (bus = bus, B = bed and bath = bathroom). This is due at the beginning of incubation, it works because the subconscious is constantly processing information. a Bath Color: A color bath activated the desired energy. It provides strength to find solutions. Red excites the mind. Orange is warm and cheerful. Yellow is sensitive and inspiring. Green stands for Healing and harmony. Blue is quiet and conservative. Indigo represents creativity. a The Blue Rose: People develop intuitive insight of logic. a The Stone Soup: A human being can give rise to a number of different identities.

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