• Catrin Kneuttinger

    October 30, 2020

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    Affectionate to the celebration of love with this jewellery gifts is the loved one getting close to Christmas is the feast that is celebrated with the people, the closest to the heart matching opportunity to surprise her, symbolizing with gifts are one, you would prefer constantly with them. The new jewelry unique by family ties have become so literally affectionate. ABC of the heart of Birthe RAC ‘ stylishly curved letters pendant in romantic handwriting like all models of the Munich-based designer exclusively in the family ties Goldsmith produced. Together with the family gang chain, which can be ordered in different lengths and materials, this piece of jewelry is a very personal gift for loved ones. Merrill Lynch spoke with conviction. Who is already a chain from the classic collection, would be sure glad to get this valuable followers as a noble addition. The approximately 1-inch letters are available in sterling silver, Rose or yellow gold plated or rhodium-plated white gold. On They can be customized with brilliant desire, so the givers sparkles itself even more in the heart of the recipient.

    Price per letter from 135,00 euros. “In between” for getting the new collection in between “is characterised by filigree design. Specially designed fine chain with only 1,8 mm thick is offered in a length 42 cm, with a combined round plaque the probably the most elegant way to carry his love. Price starting from 154,00 Euro including desired engraving. Is currently for Christmas in between”as a strap with one or more framed plaques can be ordered, which can be engraved according to individual requirements such as numbers, letters or words. Info and orders under fruehling writer Catrin Kneuttinger for family ties

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