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    December 7, 2017

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    This process continues throughout life in a dialectical relationship between the subjective and the intersubjective (social environment), in everyday life until death. Given this reality, what do to overcome the existential vacuum? Rafael Mejia ed provides nine factors, which help people take the power of his life, establish strong relationships and are able to generate real change. In summary, these points are: To know how to express pleasing aspects of oneself and others. Share moments of relaxation with family and loved ones through activities such as gambling, parties, or attend the cinema, theater or other entertainment shows. Generate pleasant and unique experiences with people close, this is achieved by giving more attention to details, surprises, gifts, fantasy and humor. Improving physical contact to strengthen relations of friendship and love. This includes the way you shake hands with the fellows and the hugs, kisses and pats on the shoulder that are exchanged with friends and family, without forgetting the importance of sexual intercourse with a partner. Voluntarily cooperate in carrying out activities with a common purpose, looking for it from moving furniture between two or more persons to organize games or team building.

    Sharing a creative activity with those near, for example, the decoration of the house, write a poem, planning a vacation or the creation of small business. Enjoying success through teamwork, giving the right dimension to achieving important goals through the combined efforts with others. Talk about the daily experiences, anecdotes or memories and learn to listen carefully to the stories about what has happened to others. Definitely, while remaining in this dimension, we must prevent this existential vacuum, since its effects are very harmful to mucas sometimes lead to suicide, not knowing cope. Be aware of all that we lay our relationships, to how we handle our emotions, feelings, determine what they represent and identify with his positivism, with everything that allows us to generate happiness, joy, harmony, sense of life. It is up to each one to strengthen our security and to determine the know how to use the time we have been granted.

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